F.E.A.R. Don’t Let it Stop You!

Did you know that Fear of FAILURE keeps many women from even thinking about pursuing their DREAMS!

They convince themselves it is better to not try than to face the humiliation of trying & not succeeding.

BUT……. If you never try…..you are guaranteed to never succeed!

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by FEAR?!

Have you ever let FEAR keep you from pursuing your DREAMS?

What do you FEAR? Failure? Success? Obstacles? Ridicule? The UNKNOWN???

Once the source of the FEAR is identified….You can then KICK IT OUT!!!

How? With your WORDS! You speak to that FEAR….You tell it where to go! You DECLARE what is TRUE….and what your INTENTIONS are! Every time that ugly FEAR tries to rise up….you put it in its place! Do NOT allow it to take over your thoughts or your words…..

Build up your FAITH in YOURSELF-with positive input & reminders of past successes.

Build up your FAITH in your DREAMS-by creating a vivid vision (dream board) & PLAN

Build up your FAITH by Stepping into ACTION! Just DO something that gets you moving toward that dream or goal…..as you keep moving forward your FAITH will replace that FEAR!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


F.E.A.R. Don’t Let it Stop You!

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