My Tried & True WOW Factor! Entertaining Inspiration

I’m getting SO excited to see my 5 year old grandson’s reaction to Christmas this year! I just absolutely LOVE getting to see Christmas through the eyes of a child, don’t you?! Everything is so magical to them! He’s been thinking for weeks that “today is the day we go to Gigi’s house to have Christmas”! Each day he has anticipated getting to come to Gigi’s house for all the excitement! Wonder what he will do when it IS actually THE day?!
Today I’m sharing my Tried & True WOW Factor for Entertaining! My Floating Tabletop! I just recently used this for my daughter’s baby shower last month! What I love about this is that it is SO EASY!!! And VERSATILE and ELEGANT! Once you try it you’ll be looking for opportunities to use it again and again!
Check out the post and the video!
Here’s how I used it for the desserts at Rachael’s baby shower!
…..and as a beverage table at a Bridal Shower I hosted…….
Like I said, this Floating Tabletop is SO easy, elegant and versatile, you’ll be looking for opportunities to use it again and again!
Make Your Holidays Sparkle & Shine! Most of all…. Enjoy the time with family & friends!

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