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Decorating with red…..

Red brings certain energy to a room.

Research has shown that red stimulates conversation and appetite which is what makes it a fabulous choice for the dining room. I love to see a dramatic red dining room…it makes me feel like settling in and lingering over a tasty meal and spicy conversation! Red walls seem to energize the conversation of those lingering around the table.

Red rooms convey a feeling of intimacy, which makes red a wonderful choice not just for dining rooms, but for bedrooms as well.

Red in a bedroom invites romance and passion! An all red bedroom may be too much for some, however, adding just a few touches of red with accessories such as artwork, picture frames, vases or pillows can go a long way in spicing things up a bit. If red walls are a bit too risky for you to consider then why not consider red and white bedding. You’ll feel the energy and romance of red, but when it is mixed with white the feeling will be light and fresh. Add a few red candles, some red roses and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a romantic retreat.

Red is a bold color…it says “look at me”…it draws attention to itself…which makes it the perfect choice for focal point areas you want to draw attention to. Imagine beautiful red silk drapery panels framing a window featuring a beautiful view, a collection of red vases or candlesticks on the mantel of a fireplace, or a striking red chest in the entryway, all are perfect examples of adding the boldness of red without it feeling out of balance.

Red is also a perfect choice for bringing a rather quiet monochromatic room to life. Richly textured red velvet, chenille or silk pillows on a cream colored sofa really pop and a red lamp on the table in the corner suddenly connects that corner with the rest of the room.

Spice up your table with touches of red dinnerware and glassware. Add a collection of red canisters to your countertop. If red is not a color you want to use everyday then look for inexpensive elements you can use occasionally. Items such as cloth napkins, tasteful paper goods, coasters, napkin rings, or even a table runner. These items can be mixed with many other colors to add an energetic feel to your next get together. And if it’s a romantic dinner for two that you’re cooking up scatter some red rose petals around the table and pour some robust red wine!

Where can you see red?


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