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Pink and Red in Decorating

Pink and Red are HOT colors for decorating again this year, from the palest peachy-pink to brightest scarlet. This excites me because pink is one of my favorite colors! I love pink and have pink in various shades and intensities throughout my home. What I like about pink is that, depending on the shade, it can be soft and delicate or bold and bright. Pink can be soothing or energizing. It is a color that is quite versatile and mixes well with many other colors.

I’m not one to encourage being overly concerned about decorating trends, as they are fickle and could be quite costly to keep up with. I do, however, believe we should be aware of what they are from season to season and how we can interject some bits and pieces of current trends into our decor without going overboard or over budget. I believe our homes should be a reflection of our own personalities and styles. A home that evolves over time and is filled with furnishings and accessories that we love is a home that will nurture us and fit our lifestyle. When we continue that process of evolution by adding a few accessories seasonally that reflect a touch of the current trend we keep our homes fresh and interesting.

How do you interject pink and red into your home, especially if those aren’t “your colors”?

There are a few easy options:*A piece of artwork that incorporates your primary color scheme with a few touches of pink and/or red is a great way to current d├ęcor with a trend color.

*Pillows are another great way to add pops of color. If selecting a pillow in a solid pink or red is too daring for you, find pillows that have touches of those colors mixed with other colors that you already have in your room.

* A large vase or urn on a bookshelf or mantel is another great option.

*Don’t overlook the impact that flowers can have in bringing a fresh look to your rooms, real or permanent.

* Decorative plates displayed on a shelf or mantel can be functional and trendy.

Look around and keep an open mind, you’ll be surprised at what you can find that will bring a fresh look into your rooms for the new season. Pick up a few home magazines, check out a few websites, think outside the box and before you know it you’ll find a few unique ways to “freshen up” without changing everything or breaking the bank.

By the way…my newly painted pink dining room is a hit with….if can you believe it….men….I’m not kidding….almost every man, of varying ages, that has visited us since the room was painted, including a cable repair guy and the furnace service guy (both young enough to be my sons) have commented (unsolicited) that they love the dining room! Who knew? So, which is it for you? Pink? Red? or both?


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