Make Your Dreams Come True

A vision and some easy steps to creating your haven

Your bedroom is, in my opinion, one of the most important spaces in your home. Your bedroom is the first place you see in the morning, it’s where you spend time getting ready for the day, it’s where romance happens, and it’s the last place you see at night. It is a very important space!

I think of my bedroom as my own private retreat. A place that is beautiful to me, peaceful, inspiring, and nurturing to my being. When I open my eyes each morning the soft yellow walls make me feel as though the sun is shining even when it’s not. The pale blue ceiling gives me a sense of tranquility and the patterns and colors of the fabrics cheer me and make me smile. I appreciate the graceful curves of my French inspired dressers and the beauty of the unique triple mirror found at a thrift shop.

I have an old fashioned vanity table with a big mirror, a vintage French inspired chair and a pretty chandelier hanging from above. I sit at that vanity every day to “get myself together”. It’s “my special place”….a place where I can enjoy the ritual of preparing myself to face the day ahead. As I take the time there to prepare I am able to reflect on what the day may hold. It is a pleasant process (unless I’ve overslept and am running late) that I appreciate each day. I believe everyone should have such a space.

I have incorporated little details into my retreat that make it special to me and my husband. Details such as candles with the scent of the roses on the Cliff walk in Newport RI, our romantic getaway place, pictures of the two of us scattered about, colors and flowers that I love, fabrics in textures that feel good to the touch and patterns that I find beautiful, a CD player for soft classical music at night and motivational/inspirational CD’s in the morning. Furniture that has the curvy French look that I adore and artwork we’ve selected together. Is it perfect? No! Is it exactly the way I want it? Not yet! However, it does reflect my personality and style and it nurtures me each and every day! It is my romantic retreat!

You can begin the journey of creating your own romantic bedroom retreat by starting with these simple steps.

First, dream a little…that’s right…dream! After all it is a bedroom! If you could create any look at all for your own personal retreat what would it be? (If you need a little inspiration check out the magazines and books that feature bedrooms) What colors make you feel calm, inspired, relaxed? What are some of the details that you imagine in your room that would make you smile? That would make you feel pampered? Special? Relaxed? What elements need to be there to help you prepare for your day? To help you unwind for the evening? What kind of lighting do you need? What scents do you smell? What do you hear? What does the furniture look like? Where is it placed?

Second, create a file with pictures of your dream retreat. Get some paint swatches that represent the colors you want to incorporate on the walls, ceiling and in the fabrics. Do you see a lively colorful palette or a tranquil monochromatic palette? Start shopping around and looking at fabrics, bedding, artwork. Whatever will help you to truly envision your new romantic retreat.

Third, determine what your budget is. No matter what your personal budget may be, you can create some version of your dream retreat. If you have a small budget right now…get creative! Can you paint? Paint the walls, paint your furniture. Create your own art work with photos or frame pages from high quality old art books. Check out flea markets, consignment and discount shops. Do you sew? Do you know someone who sews? There is always a way to create beauty in our homes. We are limited only by our imagination!