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The Holiday Season is fast approaching!!!

Do “VISIONS of SUGARPLUMS dance in your head?”

Do you envision the glossy PICTURE PERFECT scenarios splattered all over magazine covers and  Hallmark movie sets?


Does the mere mention of the word “HOLIDAYS” strike a chord of DREAD….OVERWHELM….EXHAUSTION…..and STRESS in your heart?
Do you want to just hide under the covers til it’s all over with?


the MONEY, the TIME,
the PEOPLE…….

WHERE is the FUN??? WHERE is the PEACE? WHERE is the JOY?

I have GREAT NEWS!!!

I assure you, the FUN, PEACE & JOY are still there…..and you can FIND them!

YOU can ENJOY the HOLIDAY season!

All you need is a little HELP! A DOSE of CONFIDENCE….a step by step PLAN of ACTION…..and you can RECLAIM YOUR HOLIDAYS!


If you’re like me, at some point you’ve said, “This year, I want the Holidays to be different….less stress…..less overwhelm…… less work…. more joy…. more fun…..more peaceful…. meaningful and more memorable!”

I want you to know that THIS year can be different! There’s a saying that if you want a different result you must change something that you are doing. THIS year….you can make a few changes that will make a BIG difference in the outcome of your Holiday Season!

I have created a VERY VALUABLE resource kit to HELP YOU!

Based on my many years of Holiday Celebrations… those that went well & those that… well… didn’t…..I’ve put together a collection of time & money saving tips and tools that I use during the Holiday Season to keep my sanity!

The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit is designed for busy women, just like you, to be able to step back, take a deep breath and know that you’ve got it all under control!

The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit is a pretty & practical tool that you can enjoy using YEAR after YEAR after YEAR!

With your Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit you will be able to PLAN for a BEAUTIFUL Holiday Season….without the STRESS, OVERWHELM and EXHAUSTION of years past!


The The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit includes……..


Including tips for…….



**18 TIME & SANITY SAVING TEMPLATES & PLANNER PAGES you can use year after year to help you to help you plan & keep track of everything



AND there’s a BONUS!

 12 Easy & Elegant Hostess Gift Ideas ~ “Outside the Box” ideas sure to please any hostess

When you download & print your Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit  you will have everything you need, all in one place, to help you create the Beautiful Holidays You Dream Of!

We all dream of the “picture perfect” Holiday Season….and many times we feel disappointed, overwhelmed and like we didn’t meet everyone’s expectations…… BUT this year will be different as you learn to let go of “perfection” and strive instead for your version of “excellence” and you put these simple tips & tools into action.

You will be amazed at what a difference making a few changes here and there and having a plan to follow will make in creating Your Beautiful Holiday Experience!

Here’s what other busy women are saying about The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit:

This Holiday Survival Kit came at exactly the PERFECT time in my Holiday planning this year! 

Even though I had some areas of my planning under control, this helped me realize I didn’t have a plan for other important areas I don’t want to ignore.  Like the tracking/planning documents included in this survival kit!  J  They are already printed and in a binder to help me stay on track and to not forget ANYTHING I’m going to need over the next weeks from gifts, down to groceries, and items I’ll need for traveling. 

I work a full time job in the corporate world and having this Survival Kit in my binder is already helping me to breathe easier as I work to create my lists and see that I now have a plan that I can follow to make sure that I don’t miss a thing. 

I also like the fact that there’s a section on helping me to remember to PAMPER MYSELF & eat healthy!  I typically don’t do that during the holidays…and I think doing that this year will help me to be more joyful as the days and weeks unfold! 

In “The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit”, Kathleen Ellis has thought of “every detail” that’s needed to truly help one not only “survive” the holidays, but THRIVE during the holidays!  J  Thanks Kathleen for creating this KIT!  I’ll be thinking of you daily as I continue to follow this blueprint/plan for a lovely, peaceful, and serene holiday with those I love the most, my family & friends!

Catherine Cosenza, GA (corporate America)


Dear Kathleen,
I just want to thank you for all the work you put into The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit. I feel so much better about the holidays already. The gift planning lists and ideas have  taken so much weight off my shoulders – no need to worry about whether I have shopped for this cousin or that aunt – I just need to check my list. I feel prepared to face the holidays with grace and gusto! Thank you so much!!

Rachel, PA (work at home mom of 4)


“I really enjoyed your Holiday Survival Kit. It put everything I needed to make my holiday run smoothly in one place! I especially liked the section that helped me organize my “to do” list and schedule tasks out over the season. This will keep things running smoothly and keep me sane! This guide is something I can use year after year – it’s a gift to me!

Thank you.”

April Force Pardoe, AFP Interiors, MD

This year you can GIVE YOURSELF the gifts of PEACE, JOY, CALM, FUN & CONFIDENCE…..


YOU can MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT from the rest…..

GIVE YOURSELF the GIFT of The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit….

 Put the FUN, PEACE & JOY back into your HOLIDAYS!

The Busy Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit is YOUR perfect PLAN for creating beautiful holiday memories!

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Have a Stress-Less Holiday!
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