Make Your Dreams Come True

Every morning I look forward to reading your “Beautiful Living Secrets”. Your words are inspiring and uplifting and exactly what I need for each and every day. Thanks so much Kathleen.

–Jennifer Beaver, PA

“Kathleen is an amazing coach. I have been working with her for years, and she never fails to help me find a different perspective on problems in my life, whether it is clutter in my living room, feeling depressed by household chores, or a difficulty in a personal relationship. She has helped me to be a more positive, loving person, to grow in my spiritual walk, and to find simple ways to make my life more beautiful.”

-Rachel Bostwick, work-at-home-mother, PA

Who doesn’t want a positive pick me up every day? Kathleen is awesome!

April Pardoe, AFP Interiors, MD

Kathleen—I LOVE your new 15 Days of Beautiful Living Secrets renewal ! Everyday you hit on topics EXACTLY where I am !! I have a special journal I’m using to write in & jot down possible ideas. Thanks for sharing your beauty with me !! Hugs!

-Beth Garey Barone, OH

Kathleen has put together this wonderful series on how to live the life you want to live. I strongly suggest you check it out and take what she has to say to heart. For me, this couldn’t come at a better time. Enjoy!  Moved to a new state, starting a new business, and simply entering a new phase of life; this 15 day series is EXACTLY what I need.

-Emily Patten, CO

I have a secret. Up until a few months ago I did not make my bed in the morning. You read that right. Messy bed. Every day. I knew how great my bedroom looked the few times I made the bed, and I spend my days making my clients’ beds and rooms beautiful, yet I still didn’t make my own bed. The reasons for not making my bed were many — it wasn’t something I did growing up, it seemed like a waste of time since it just got messed up again at night and it was just one more thing to do in the morning when I felt rushed.

What changed?

Kathleen Ellis, a friend and owner of Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design, wrote a newsletter post about doing one new thing for yourself to make your life beautiful. She suggested making your bed and it struck me as an easy way to make my surroundings more beautiful and make my day a little brighter. It worked! I’m now a convert and make my bed every morning.

April Pardoe, AFP Interiors, MD

“Kathleen’s Lifestyle Design is a blessing to all as her focus includes inner beauty which is the catalyst for achieving and living an external, beautiful and harmonious life. The tips she provides are easy, practical, and will absolutely help you in transforming your life one step at a time.”

-Laura Wood, Shine Enterprises

What Women are Saying About
The Revive Your Dreams,
Transform Your Life Live Events

It is almost 4:00 am and I’m still up. Can’t sleep…..a lot on my mind. The Revive Your Dreams Event made me think about some things. The reflection has helped me make a couple major decisions. Thanks again Kathleen Ellis for inviting us today, this event helped me more than you know. #movingforward

-Theresa Royal Brown, EPNET, MD

So proud of my friend Kathleen Ellis! She is hosting an amazing event. I am grateful that she asked me to take a part and sit in her dream. #ReviveYourDreams
Today I got to revisit my own dreams. Wonderful experience! I just added something HUGE to my L.I.F.E. list! Wow! I am really stretching my dreams!

-Cheryl Pullins, iCoachWomen, MD

I had an AMAZING time Kathleen Ellis! You raised the bar in excellence! So proud of YOU! I’m packing my bags today! wink wink
One word, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Kathleen Ellis, I am so godly proud of you! I had many Aha moments from all the wonderful women sharing their dreams and overcoming many things, including you! I love you honey bun! It was a trip worth traveling! Great connections w/ amazing women!

-Toy James, Inspirations for Women, DC

Great event Kathleen! I walked into the room and just said wow! What a beautiful experience with lots of “aha’s” and the opportunity to meet many fascinating women who are “reviving and living their dreams”.

-Patty Bear, PA

Thanks Kathleen. It was a very special event, and I enjoyed it very much. You and your guest speakers have really given me a lot to think about. It has been a birthday I will not forget.

-Mary Jane Bratten, PA

Kathleen Ellis is speaking now and dropping awesome nuggets. The one that has stuck in my head: “God gives us dreams a size too big so we can grow into them.” #S T R E T C H Y O U R S E L F

-Theresa Royal Brown, EPNET, MD

There is a difference between perfection and excellence. Thank you Kathleen Ellis for this thought! I know I get the two mixed up sometimes …. “You can never achieve perfection, but you can always raise your level of excellence.” ~Kathleen Ellis

-Cecelia Craig, PA