Make Your Dreams Come True


Well, 2016 is coming to a close! Like most years, 2016 held a mix of events for our family, mostly happy but, some sad, mostly progress and growth but, a few setbacks. What gets me is how fast a year seems to go by! Does it seem that way for you, too?! Whenever December rolls around I find myself in disbelief that another year has passed! Whew!
It is so important, because the year does seem to pass so quickly, to keep track of your priorities through the year so that you are accomplishing the absolute MOST important things to you and your family throughout the year. Then, look back as the year closes to see how far you’ve come, look at the dreams you’ve seen come true, the growth, the progress…..who and what you’ve BECOME in the process.
Of course, there will be those things that didn’t get done and the mistakes, things that didn’t work out….there will always be a few of those, don’t dwell on those, learn from them, forgive yourself, forgive others and MOVE ON!
Stay FOCUSED on what DID get done, what you DID accomplish! THAT is where you will get your energy and excitement for the NEW dreams and plans for the year ahead!
As you prepare to say Goodbye to 2016, start writing down the dreams and plans you have for 2017. Don’t decide if they are possible or not….just write them down….DREAM BIG!!!

Start seeing yourself achieving the dreams you have for 2017! That is the FIRST STEP to bringing them to reality! If you can SEE it, then you can somehow ACHIEVE it!

In January I’ll be sharing inspirations with you to help you get started on the Journey to Your Dreams for 2017!
For now, I wish you a wonderful closing of 2016 and BIG, BEAUTIFUL Dreams for 2017!
Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!
I Believe in YOU!!

Christmas Wishes!

Merry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah!
Whichever you celebrate, I am wishing you a most Blessed and Beautiful celebration!
My wish for you is that you are celebrating the true reason for this season! My wish is that as you celebrate you take time to reflect on God’s LOVE for you – He loves you so much He sent His son for you – on His purpose and plan for you and on how UNIQUE and WONDERFUL He made YOU!
My wish is that you are able to celebrate, in spite of whatever else is going on, with family and friends and that you look for ways to be a BLESSING to them and to the people God brings into your life!
There are so many who need a kind a word, a hot meal, a coat, a home…. what better way to celebrate this season than by being a BLESSING to someone in need as well as to those nearest and dearest to us! Christmas is, after all, a perfect time to GIVE!
I will be celebrating this Christmas with a thankful heart for all that God has provided and all that He has brought us through this past year…both increase and loss. I will also be celebrating…any day now…. the birth of a new grandson! I will be celebrating with all of our kids and their families with a thankful heart that they are well and that they love coming home for Christmas!
I will also be praying for those who struggle during this season because they have lost loved ones or have no family to celebrate with….. Will you join with me and pray for them also?! Will you join me in reaching out to them in whatever ways you feel led?! A little love goes a long way!
Wishing you a most Blessed & Beautiful Christmas!

My Tried & True WOW Factor! Entertaining Inspiration

I’m getting SO excited to see my 5 year old grandson’s reaction to Christmas this year! I just absolutely LOVE getting to see Christmas through the eyes of a child, don’t you?! Everything is so magical to them! He’s been thinking for weeks that “today is the day we go to Gigi’s house to have Christmas”! Each day he has anticipated getting to come to Gigi’s house for all the excitement! Wonder what he will do when it IS actually THE day?!
Today I’m sharing my Tried & True WOW Factor for Entertaining! My Floating Tabletop! I just recently used this for my daughter’s baby shower last month! What I love about this is that it is SO EASY!!! And VERSATILE and ELEGANT! Once you try it you’ll be looking for opportunities to use it again and again!
Check out the post and the video!
Here’s how I used it for the desserts at Rachael’s baby shower!
…..and as a beverage table at a Bridal Shower I hosted…….
Like I said, this Floating Tabletop is SO easy, elegant and versatile, you’ll be looking for opportunities to use it again and again!
Make Your Holidays Sparkle & Shine! Most of all…. Enjoy the time with family & friends!

A Real Holiday Treat!


Can you believe there are only about 16 more days til Christmas and the 1st day of Hanukkah, which starts on Christmas day this year!

Are you like me and still have a lot to do?! I have had a very unusual last 5 months which have put me a little behind with my preparations! Since August I have been helping my Prince in his business (really it’s our family business), God has blessed our business tremendously this year, quadrupling it from last year! Along with that comes a lot more responsibilities, employees and all kinds of stuff! I felt God speaking to me to step in and help wherever I was needed. So for the last several months I have been going into the office and working 30-40+ hours a week. Inspiring, motivating & counseling 10+ men! I’m putting some structure into their workplace & making sure things are running smoothly… for the most part!
QUITE a change for me from working from home on a much less structured basis for the last multiple years and from working exclusively with women!!! I am thankful that I am feeling well enough to do this and as long as I am mindful about getting my rest, keeping stress to a minimum and doing all my other self-care steps, as I heal from auto-immune issues & Lyme, I am able to keep up!
What has gotten a bit behind, however, are the projects at home and the preparations for the holidays! On top of that my daughter is due any day to give birth to our 2nd grandson….so I am “on call” for that!   I am thankful I don’t need to look too far for tips & tools to navigate this season!
I trust you found last week’s email with the 3 Steps to De-Stress Your Holidayshelpful as you began your preparations for the holidays! I hope these tips helped you take a breath and get rid of any overwhelm you might have had…. they sure helped me! (If you missed it, here’s the link: 3 Steps to De-Stress Your Holidays)
Since time is extremely precious right now both for me and you, I decided that these next few weeks I would share some ideas and links with you that are inspiring me through this holiday season. There are ideas for decorating, entertaining, recipes and anything holiday related…. Along with some of my Holiday Survival Tips that have served me & multiple other women well for decades!
I hope you enjoy the variety and that you will be inspired to take a couple of ideas and make them your own. DO NOT feel that you must copy or “keep up” or that what you do or don’t have doesn’t measure up to what someone else has or how someone else does things! We each have our own tastes, styles and budgets…. and that is OK! I have found that no matter what, you can always raise the level of excellence (not perfection) in whatever you do!
Ok… C’mon! Let’s take a peek at some beautiful Holiday Home Tours! Click on the links, Be inspired by the creativity of these fabulous women, Scroll down to the bottom of each post and check out the rest of the links to more homes beautifully, lovingly & creatively decorated for the holidays! You’re going to be WOWED!!!
Ohhh, and don’t forget your cup of tea…. You’re going to want to sip while you savor!  ENJOY!
Make Your Holidays Sparkle & Shine! Most of all….. Enjoy the time with family & friends!

STOP Stressing!!! ​​​​​​​3 Steps to De-Stress Your Holidays


Well!!! Thanksgiving is done! NOW WHAT?!

Is the Stress of the Holiday Season already stealing your JOY?  It doesn’t have to!
You DO have a choice! You can Take CONTROL and make this year DIFFERENT!

Elegant lit votive cups on a Christmas table centerpiece.

I’ve got a few SIMPLE TIPS to help you ……these are the things I do each year to alleviate the STRESS from my HOLIDAYS! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, a pad of paper, a pen ….light a candle ….and breathe a sigh of RELIEF! 
 Stress Free Holidays

3 Action Steps for TODAY!

With just about 3 weeks until Christmas and so many things still on your To Do Lists, it is very important to keep STRESS to a minimum, after all, you want to ENJOY this season……not DREAD it, right?!

  1. WRITE IT DOWN ~ This is where you do a “brain dump”. WRITE DOWN everything you can possibly think of, large & small, that you would like to do/get done for the Holiday Season…. all those things that keep swirling around in your head, get them on paper and then add to it as you think of things. This could include, but isn’t limited to: decorating, baking, cooking, holiday parties, special events, gift shopping, wrapping, travel, preparing the house for guests, cleaning, etc. This is your Master Holiday List.
  2. DETERMINE THE PURPOSE ~ This is a very important step! This is where you look at WHAT you do for the Holidays and WHY! What is the PURPOSE? For instance, if you attend a family gathering each year and you kind of dread it because of potentially difficult people; you need to determine WHY you keep going? Is there a valid reason? Is it to support another family member? If so, then think about all the ways you can offer support to that person and focus on that alone. By keeping your purpose for being there front & center, you are less likely to be distracted by other “stuff”!
  3. CREATE A PLAN ~ Now, take that Master Holiday List and begin prioritizing each item into 3 categories: 1) MUST DO/NON-NEGOTIABLE, 2) WOULD REALLY LIKE TO DO, 3) IT’s OK IF IT DOESN’T GET DONE.

Now put the date it needs to be done by next to each item, then get your calendar and begin assigning time frames for each task starting with the MUST DO category, then the next category……breaking larger tasks into smaller more manageable steps. Allow a realistic time frame for completing each task. When it comes to the 3rd category, “It’s OK if it doesn’t get done”, take a good look at that list and determine if anything at all on it needs to be done…if not…ELIMINATE IT!  Just this process alone should have you breathing a BIG sigh of RELIEF. Now you know you’ve got everything written down, you’ve got your purpose in focus and you’ve got a plan!

Now……. Don’t you feel better already?!

A beautiful teacup is a warm, pink and green Christmas setting

For more helpful tips for a STRESS FREE HOLIDAY listen to this quick 30 minute call and then download the Holiday Day Planner page!  STRESS FREE HOLIDAYS FOR YOU 

These are my GIFTS to you!

Make Your Holidays SPARKLE & SHINE….without STRESS!

Kathleen Ellis

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want you to know that I am SO thankful….for YOU!

YOU are special to so many people… your circles of influence, there are many others that are thankful for you, too!

As you go through the rest of this week of Thanksgiving…..I encourage you to take a few moments and reflect on the people & things you are thankful for!

When we choose to be thankful, even when circumstances aren't exactly what we want or like, we are able to keep the blessing channels open so we can receive all we dream of!

No matter where you are in life, or what you're going through….there is always something to be thankful for!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.~ Philippians 4:6

Wishing you a most Blessed and Beautiful Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a Blessed & Beautiful Thanksgiving!


Kathleen Ellis

We Are Celebrating & Wondering!

Who doesn’t like a celebration?! I sure do! My personal belief is that life should be celebrated every day! How sad to wait for just a few times a year to celebrate something….. anything! Surely there is at least one thing you can find each day to celebrate, big or small! If you don’t see that yet…. LOOK HARDER! It’s there!

While I do celebrate each day, there are certainly times that call for a very special celebration and this weekend is one of those times! I am hosting a BABY SHOWER for my daughter who is due with our 2nd grandson on New Year’s Day! Sooo…. we are celebrating AND wondering just when during the holidays this little guy is going to make his debut!

I’m having fun planning this shower with a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme! I have a smorgasboard of  stars and other goodies that will be magically fashioned into a beautiful, whimsical & elegant presentation for my daughter and our friends & family to enjoy.

Here’s a sneak peek…… Shhhhh!

Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Table Setting

There will be stars and glitter and flowers and glitter and cupcakes and glitter…yeah…lots of glitter!!! My 5 year old grandson learned early on that you never leave Gigi’s house without sparkles on you!
What will YOU be CELEBRATING this week?! No matter how big or how small…. find something to celebrate TODAY!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis
A cheerful heart is good medicine!

How Do You Do It All?!


I have a word of encouragement for you today…..

In the midst of all the negativity whirling around this election…..One thing I keep in mind is that I AM the one who decides what I listen to and what I don't!

There is a peace that comes when you restrict and filter what you allow into your mind! When you fill it with the Word of God and uplifting, hopeful, transforming words and thoughts, you can remain stable and calm in the midst of the storm!

Seek God and HIS wisdom for this election before you go to vote. Keep your heart and mind sensitive to hear from Him….Trust Him…..and show His LOVE to all you meet! Keep His peace in your heart!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis
How Do You Do It All?

Be Specific!

Did you know that in order to make your dreams become your reality you MUST KNOW what your dreams are…..SPECIFICALLY?! In DETAIL!!!


In order to create the life you dream of, you must first know what it is you’re dreaming of……and then you must write your dream descriptions down, in detail, making them so real that you can SEE yourself BEING it, HAVING it & DOING it! VISUALIZE them “AS IF” they have already happened!

I know that sounds a little silly, but research has shown that those who write down their dreams & goals, then visualize them & behave in a way that lines up with that dream, they are the ones who WILL see their dreams & goals become reality!

When you DO those steps you are much more likely to reach your dreams & goals because your subconscious mind believes you and acts accordingly, causing you to think, say & do things that eventually get you to your dreams! Research has also shown, if you do not do those steps you will most likely never see significant accomplishments toward your dreams & goals!

I know you have dreams in your heart and you want them to become reality in your life, right?! We ALL have dreams & goals that we desire to bring to fruition!

I believe it is possible for YOU to make your dreams your reality……IF you set yourself up for success!

DO THIS! This week, take a few minutes to …..

  1. Write down your most urgent dream/goal.
  2. Describe it in DETAIL ….make it real in your mind!
  3. Visualize yourself already having accomplished “it”…..What does it look, feel, smell & sound like?
  4. Behave in ways that line up with your desired outcome
  5. Change something you do every day that will bring you closer to making that dream a reality!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis
Kathleen Ellis

Have You Lost It?

Have you lost “IT”?  Lost WHAT, you ask?

 I’m not talking about your temper….or your memory…or your keys!

I’m talking about something FAR MORE IMPORTANT than any of those things!

I’m talking about YOUR DREAMS!!!

God’s Word says that “Without a VISION (DREAM), I will PERISH (DIE)! (Proverbs 29:18)

That is how IMPORTANT it is to make sure you DO NOT LOSE YOUR DREAMS!

It is easy to let your dreams get lost in the mundane, sometimes challenging, sometimes painful day to day STUFF! But it is SO IMPORTANT to not let that happen! The good news is that there is ONE THING you CAN do, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day, to KEEP YOUR DREAMS ALIVE!

THE ONE THING: Make & Take time to DREAM! Spend a few minutes each & every day to “SEE” your dreams. Imagine them, what are they? IN DETAIL! What do they LOOK like? What does it FEEL like to have accomplished them? What do you need TO DO to make them happen? How will making your dreams a reality IMPACT your life? Or the lives of your LOVED ONES? Or the lives of OTHERS?

The more time you spend with your dreams the more likely you are to make them a reality!

When you spend time with your dreams you will not lose them!

DO THIS! Today, take a few minutes and block out 10 minutes each day this month on your calendar for “DREAM TIME”, then find some pictures that represent your dreams and put them on a poster or cork board or even in a notebook…..anywhere that will make it easy for you to “SEE” your DREAMS EVERY DAY! BEGIN to SPEND TIME with YOUR DREAMS EVERY DAY! You will begin to find it easier to BELIEVE they will happen, You will get excited and You will begin to see opportunities like never before!

Now THAT is something to get EXCITED about!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis
Kathleen Ellis

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