Make Your Dreams Come True

Kathleen Ellis is seeking to create a movement where women change their world by taking possession of the unique feminine power God gave them to create lives of Beauty, Balance & Brilliance.

Kathleen’s multi-faceted experiences in Image Consulting, Skin Care & Cosmetics, Interior Design, running a successful retail store, raising 3 children, nurturing a marriage of over 36 years, creating a beautiful home and overcoming a long term life threatening illness, give her the unique ability to help women break through the overwhelm to create their own lives of Total Beauty.
Kathleen has spent her life serving women through the many chapters of her life. She has never let go of her DREAM to make the world a more BEAUTIFUL place!

Through the years of weaving the beautiful tapestry of her life Kathleen has learned many essential skills to keep moving forward toward her dreams. She has realized that there are many women who are “stuck and struggling” in a place of overwhelm, chaos, stress and clutter and as a result they have given up on their dreams.

It is this realization and the blending of all the threads of Kathleen’s life that has placed her where she is now… the position of coaching & mentoring women in their pursuit of The Beautiful Life They Dream Of!

Kathleen believes that every woman is beautifully & uniquely created and that every woman possesses a desire to be beautiful and to live a beautiful life! Her heart’s desire is to help YOU see the Beautiful Life YOU Dream of become your REALITY!

For 10 years, when her children were small, Kathleen served women as she taught them how to take care of their skin, apply makeup with a natural look & dress to flatter their body type. She was amazed to see, over and over again, SELF CONFIDENCE transformations that took place in her clients once they discovered how to highlight the OUTER BEAUTY they possessed.

The next chapter in Kathleen’s life enabled her to serve women by helping them create a beautiful & functional home through her Interior Design business. For over 17 years she was once again amazed, time and time again, at the positive transformations that took place in the lives of her clients and their families, as she helped them discover the power of SURROUNDING BEAUTY by transforming their homes into beautiful havens that nurtured them & their families.

During 5 years of that time, Kathleen owned & operated a beautiful retail store. Cottage Pleasures was a one of a kind destination shopping experience. Once again, Kathleen used her unique ability to tap into a woman’s need & desire for BEAUTY by creating a most beautiful shop filled with beautiful treasures. From home furnishings & accessories to bubble baths, jewelry & purses, and so much more, Cottage Pleasures provided an oasis of peace & beauty along with an unparalleled shopping experience for all who visited.

For 5 years Kathleen was the featured Lifestyle Expert on her local CBS-TV affiliate during which time she presented tips on Easy & Elegant Entertaining & Creating a Beautiful Home. Over the years Kathleen has hosted many events for women inspiring them to add BEAUTY to their lives through their homes, entertaining, personal style and mindset.

Kathleen has been featured multiple times in Romantic Homes magazine and has been featured in several regional & local publications. She has been recognized as a woman who INSPIRES & MOTIVATES women to become ALL they were created to be, to think OUTSIDE the BOX and to DREAM BIG!

Kathleen is the creator of the PINK Tea Experience, a LIFE CHANGING event created for women. In one inspiring afternoon women are transformed from FRAZZLED, OVERWHELMED & WORN OUT to CALM & REFRESHED, with a RENEWED SPIRIT & DREAM in their HEART.

Kathleen spent close to 20 years battling a life threatening illness, during which time she found herself with many questions and few answers. It was this frustration that led her to seek out answers in alternative medicine. It was at a critical point that she realized her FAITH in God was the only thing that was going to give her the strength & wisdom she needed to BREAKTHROUGH & find the answers to a healthy life. It was during this time that Kathleen discovered the INNER BEAUTY and transforming power of changing her thoughts, words and beliefs from FEAR, DOUBT & DEFEAT to FAITH, HEALTH & VICTORY!

Kathleen has overcome many obstacles while creating the
Beautiful Life of her Dreams.
She has learned through her victories and mistakes
how to keep her dreams alive and to strive toward

Now, she would love to help you do the same!

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