Kathleen Ellis, Author of Facets of Graciousness ~Inspirations to Smooth the Rough Edges of Life and Founder of the Revive Your Dreams, Transform Your Life movement, has been inspiring, motivating & teaching women for years.

Known for her practical & straightforward yet vulnerable & sometimes humorous delivery, Kathleen is a master at engaging her audience and inspiring life transforming results.
Having been described as “A breath of fresh air”, Kathleen has become a sought after speaker who leaves the audience satisfied yet wanting more!

She has overcome many obstacles on her own path to creating the beautiful life she dreams of. Learning from both her victories and life’s detours how to keep her own dreams alive, she continues to strive toward Excellence-not perfection-in Creating the Beautiful Life of Her Dreams.

Kathleen’s passion is to help women overcome their obstacles, doubts & fears by teaching them the necessary skills & strategies that will propel them forward and to guide them in the process of making the Beautiful Life They Dream Of their REALITY!

Topics Include:
Revive Your Dreams, Transform Your Life
*Get the VISION
* Obstacles Turned into Stepping Stones
* Power of Your WORDS
* Eliminate Overwhelm
* ‘Step Into Your Dreams’ Action Plan
Your Confidence Boosting Signature Style
* Style is a Part of Your BRAND
* Your Style Beliefs
* Define Your Style
* Develop Your Signature
* Wardrobe Essentials
* Benefits
Facets of Graciousness
* Change Your Mind
* Change Your Words
* Change Your Habits
* Change Your Life
* Living Victoriously
Living a Life of Total Beauty
* Solve the Mystery of Life Balance
* Inner Beauty
* Outer Beauty
* Surrounding Beauty
* Choosing to Live Beautifully
Other Topics:
Easy & Elegant Entertaining
Peaceful Home, Peaceful Life
Seasonal Style

Let Kathleen inspire & transform your audience!

“Kathleen recently spoke at Central Pennsylvania Association of Female Executives (CPAFE) and was truly an inspiration. She showed us that our personal sense of style is more than what we wear but our character, our attitude and the mindset we display daily.
She talked about how we can improve each of these facets to become the woman we want to be and advance ourselves in the workplace. Thanks Kathleen for helping the women of CPAFE exceed their own expectations!”
~ Carol Fastrich, CPAFE, PA

“It is almost 4:00 am and I’m still up. Can’t sleep…..a lot on my mind.
The Revive Your Dreams Event made me think about some things.
The reflection has helped me make a couple major decisions.
Thanks again, Kathleen Ellis, for inviting us today, this event helped me more than you know.”
~ Theresa Royal Brown, EPNET, MD
“So proud of my friend Kathleen Ellis! She is hosting an amazing event. I am grateful that she asked me to take a part and sit in her dream. #ReviveYourDreams
Today I got to revisit my own dreams. Wonderful experience! I just added something HUGE to my L.I.F.E. list! Wow! I am really stretching my dreams!”
~Cheryl A. Pullins, Speaker & Mastery Coach to Women, Founder of Awesome Lifestyle
“I had an AMAZING time Kathleen Ellis! You raised the bar in excellence! I’m packing my bags today! One word, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
I had many Aha moments from all the wonderful women sharing their dreams and overcoming many things, including you! It was a trip worth traveling! Great connections w/ amazing women!”
~Toy James, Inspirations for Women, DC

“Kathleen, you inspired me to continue on with something I love,
but is VERY difficult for me to do.
I was just about ready to give up.
~ Sandra, PA Women on the Move

“There is a difference between perfection and excellence… ‘You can never achieve perfection, but you can always raise your level of excellence.’ ~Kathleen Ellis
Thank you, Kathleen Ellis for this thought! I know I get the two mixed up sometimes!”
~ Cecelia Craig, PA

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