Holiday Survival: Save Time Decorating for the Holidays

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Time Saving Decorating Tips with you!
As an Interior Decorator & a woman who loves to have my home beautifully reflecting the seasons & major holidays but not wanting to spend hours & hours putting up and taking down holiday decorations, I have come up with a brilliant solution that I have used for years in my own home & have taught hundreds of women to use in their homes!

I call this my “Seasonal Decorating Philosophy” using “Warm Fuzzy Focal Points”
I decorate for 3 seasons through the year, spring/summer, fall & winter. This allows for a longer time to enjoy the décor and less time changing it! I may add a few “holiday specific” elements here and there, but overall the décor will work for the entire season.

My Fall Season décor goes up in September and stays through Thanksgiving. My Winter Season décor includes Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day with just a few minor changes. I change out the Fall for the Winter right after Thanksgiving and it stays up until the end of February/beginning of March at which time I pull out the Spring/Summer décor that stays up until September.

What adds to the ease of the philosophy are my Warm Fuzzy Focal Points! These are little vignettes that I create and place in “high impact/highly visible” spots throughout my home, rather than covering every room with tons of seasonal “stuff”. This saves me (&you) time and energy! Leaving you with more time to ENJOY the beauty you’ve created in your home.

Here’s how you can create your own sesaonal Warm Fuzzy Focal Points…..

  • Beginning with your outside entry, select a spot or two that is highly visible where you can place some seasonal décor such as, front door, steps, walkway.
  • Move inside form there to you inside entryway and select a spot or two such as a table, shelf, chair or stairway landing/railing
  • Continue moving through each room selecting the spots that your eye naturally goes to such as the fireplace mantel or hearth, coffee table, side table, top of an armoire, top of cabinets, vanity top in bathroom, kitchen island, etc.
  • Pick 2 to 5 spots in each room you want to include, these areas can then be quickly & easily updated each season, making your home feel fresh and updated with little effort

Items that can be used to create your seasonal Warm Fuzzy Focal Points…..

  • Mirrors, trays, platters
  • Seasonal elements such as berries, pinecones, lemons, greens, twigs & branches
  • Ornaments and other decorative holiday items
  • Teacups, books, photos
  • Garden elements, statuary, bird houses, lanterns, urns
  • Candles, candlesticks, lamps
  • Pillows, throws
  • Seasonal garlands, permanent floral arrangements, fresh flowers
  • Ribbon, fabric remnants, runners

Look around your home for items that can be used in different ways.
Use magazines, books and websites for ideas and inspiration.

Keep it SIMPLE! Make it FUN! Most of all….ENJOY the process of creating your Beautiful, Tranquil Haven!

Make this your BEST Holiday Season EVER!


Kathleen Ellis 

Fall Warm Fuzzy Focal Points

Winter Warm Fuzzy Focal Points

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