Gracious Gift Giving & Receiving

During the Holiday Season, with all the giving and receiving of gifts, it is so important to practice graciousness: having or showing courtesy, kindness, politeness, and compassion.

It seems, oftentimes now, that graciousness has fallen by the wayside as if it were something that has gone out of style. It seems to be a lost practice, no longer valued, or deemed necessary.  I find this lack of awareness or attention to graciousness sad and disappointing! Graciousness is always in style, always appreciated, and always remembered and I believe it is time to bring it back.

Why do we see such an absence of graciousness?  I believe it is because we have allowed our lives to become so cluttered and busy with so many things that we haven’t taken the time to hold onto, to practice and to teach the value of such “old fashioned” ideals such as graciousness!

I’m a firm believer that to SEE change we must BE the change we’d like to see! It ALL starts with a ripple or a spark, right?! So, I have a few suggestions for implementing and teaching graciousness in your holiday giving and receiving.


Graciousness in giving & receiving is simple to practice….

  • Remember those who serve you throughout the year: mail carrier, paperboy, cleaning service, lawn service, and others who have helped make your life easier throughout the year, such as your hair stylist, manicurist, babysitter, etc. Even a small note of appreciation along with some holiday cookies or some other inexpensive treat (I like to give chocolates and gift cards) is appreciated. Think of the people who may never receive a thank you and surprise them.
  • When giving someone a gift, wrap it beautifully and present it in a way that says, “You’re special.” A $5 gift can feel like a million-dollar gift when beautifully and graciously presented!
  • Never belittle the gift you are giving-even if you feel it isn’t much-that takes away the value of the gesture. Do your best and be content with that.
  • Always have a few small, wrapped gifts on hand to graciously give to those who may stop by unexpectedly or that you may not have thought of.
  • Give the (no cost) gift of kindness, consideration, and a smile everywhere you go…do not underestimate the power of those three gifts!
  • When receiving a gift, ALWAYS show a thankful and appreciative attitude, (I know this is common sense, but I frequently witness a lack of this) even if it is a gift you don’t like. It is never acceptable to hurt the feelings of the giver.
  • Always remember to SAY, “thank you.”
  • Always WRITE a Thank You note! Thank you notes have NOT gone out of style, nor will they ever! In this age of email and social media, handwritten notes have become an endangered species…let’s not let them become obsolete! No email or instant message can take the place of a thoughtful thank you note in your own handwriting! After all, the giver took the time to find, purchase and wrap a gift for you, a handwritten note is a very gracious way to let them know you genuinely appreciate their thoughtfulness!
  • Always bring a gift to the Hostess of any party, dinner, or event you attend, large or small, at any time of year. Thoughtfulness, not extravagance, is most appreciated by the hostess.  I have some helpful tips and ideas for Hostess Gifts HERE!


Christmas thought…

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale


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