Overcoming Obstacles: I am NOT a Victim – Podcast Interview with Kathy Barnette

The road to success will most likely have various obstacles that have become building blocks in your life. 

In this podcast episode, I spoke with an amazing woman about how obstacles can help you find meaning in your life and how you can succeed despite the forces of poverty and systemic racism. We must first shed the mindset of victimhood!

My guest, Kathy Barnette, is a veteran, a former adjunct professor of corporate finance, a conservative political commentator, an author, a proud wife, and a mother of two great-children!  Appearing regularly on national TV and radio, Kathy’s first book “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America” explains why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again.

Kathy did not look at a spreadsheet to learn about poverty. She did not read a book to understand overcoming great obstacles. She often says that she’s not asking to be admitted into the American Dream, she IS the American Dream!  Perhaps her most cherished opportunity to date, besides being a wife, is the opportunity to homeschool her two children. They finished their 6th year of homeschooling in 2020.


Listen to the full episode here


During this episode of my podcast, we talk about…

    • Powerful ways to overcome obstacles and win in life.
    • How family influences your life and your career.
    • How you can stop being a victim. It’s in your power to do it!
    • The privileges of being an American.
    • Start developing a gratitude mindset.
    • And much more!
You DEFINITELY want to tune into this episode!
Tune in now and Be Inspired!



REMEMBER!  I believe in YOU and I believe in YOUR DREAMS!

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