FORTY YEARS!!! Can You Believe It?!

Tomorrow, September 5th, is the day I get to CELEBRATE FORTY Years with the LOVE of my life, my Prince Charming, my Soul Mate, my Best Friend!!!

When I think back….it seems like it was just yesterday and yet a million years ago…you know what I mean? I can hardly believe that forty years have passed already….I mean….how am I even old enough to have been married for FORTY YEARS???? Yet… I am!

While there have been some really rough patches, mostly in the 1st few years as we were growing up and figuring things out, these have been the BEST YEARS of my life! To share my life with a godly man so full of integrity, a man who gives & gives & gives some more, a man I can trust with anything, who puts my needs above his own each & every day, a man who makes me laugh…..and cry… the most AMAZING BLESSING ever!

People ask us how in the world we can be more in love today than ever before….how do we do it….what’s the secret?!

The short answer is this:

  • Each day we do our best to TREAT each other the way we would like to be treated, DOING thoughtful things for each other & SAYING/WRITING encouraging words to each other.
  • We PRAY together every day!
  • We forgive each other….period! We don’t hold a grudge…period!

That’s it! Simple! Not always EASY…but SIMPLE!

I plan to do a longer post on what I’ve learned in forty years of marriage in the near future…..but for now I would encourage you to examine the relationships you hold most dear and if something isn’t quite right, think about applying these simple practices to improve your relationship!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!






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