Florals Add BEAUTY!

Don’t you just LOVE fresh flowers?!

Fresh flowers are one of my favorite “essentials” in my home. My most favorite blooms are roses, hydrangeas and peonies!

The thing I don’t like about fresh flowers, is that they simply don’t last long enough! I do pick up fresh flowers weekly for my table or, my favorite spot, on the counter right near the kitchen sink so I can enjoy them while I clean up and do dishes.

Have you ever done that? I highly recommend it!

Since it’s not practical for me to have fresh flowers in every room of the house all at one time all of the time, I have done the next best thing! I’ve invested in several high quality permanent floral arrangements, this allows me to have the look of fresh flowers all throughout my home every day.

It’s easy to freshen up a room with a beautiful, realistic permanent arrangement or bouquet. I’ve found that for most of us, purchasing and arranging fresh florals every week for every room is just not practical but, if you’re like me and love to see the beauty of flowers every day, then permanent arrangements are the perfect solution.  The perfect floral can add a dash of much-needed color to a room or it can be a spectacular focal point, such is the case with the floral on my dining room table (pictured below) with its life-like hydrangeas and roses and ivy, I smile every time I look at it… its beauty is breathtaking! I had this one custom made, which is more affordable than you might think. Some of my permanent arrangements I’ve made myself.



Of course, nothing takes the place of REAL fresh cut flowers like these gorgeous roses, but a fabulous solution for all around your home can be beautiful, high quality, permanent arrangements. There are several sources where high quality arrangements can be purchased, I’ll cover that in another post for you!



For now, start dreaming about where you’d like to place some arrangements in your home and what your favorite blooms are to include in them. Also, do you have the skills to make them yourself? or do you have a friend who could make them for you? or maybe you just simply want a few great places you can go to purchase them all done for you, available in all price points?

Some things for you to think about!

Happy dreaming!



Blessings & Beauty to you~

xoxo~ Kathleen 


  • May 5, 2021

    Beautiful & inspiring post my friend!


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