Are You Creating Mountains Or Molehills?

As I listen to the winter weary comments all around…..I hear a lot of discouragement…and frustration….with many words being spoken that just exaggerate the weariness people are feeling!

Now, I know it seems this has been the winter of all winters in so many areas and it certainly is frustrating dealing with record breaking temps, snowfall & ice…..BUT…….rather than speaking words of misery and frustration about that winter weather swirling around outside…..and may I add, that you have NO CONTROL over….why not find the things that you can be inspired by…..things that help you change your perspective and the words you are speaking right now! Grab a few magazines with some spring decorating ideas or gardening ideas….get some supplies for a DIY project you can focus on..…something that will help you see the bigger picture……that SPRING is just around the corner!

What does this have to do with your words you ask?

Well…..your WORDS (& thoughts) are the 1st things that have to change in order to change your perspective & mindset after that it is what you DO, but 1st it’s the WORDS! Whether it’s about the weather, a relationship, your job, finances…your DREAMS….anything in life that you want to change! Change begins first & foremost with your WORDS (& thoughts) which you can CHOOSE!

YOU can SPEAK LIFE or DEATH and make any situation better or worse! Just give it a try…you’ll see!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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