Have you ever met someone and kind of not liked them? Maybe they were a bit rough around the edges….didn’t look or act like the other people in your circles? Then you find out a bit more about them and learn the reason why they’re a bit “different”….they’ve had some tough times in one way or another and as a result, they come across a bit differently than others.

Maybe it’s a rude server at the restaurant or a cashier that’s complaining a co-worker that’s always putting others down……..

They just aren’t “easily loveable” people! You know what I’m talking about, right?!

What I’ve learned over the years is that people who act the most un-loveable are often the people who need love the most! Yep, it’s true!

I try to remember that when I come across someone who is rude, loud, distant, acts tough or cranky…..that is someone who I need to shine some love onto! I make every effort to be kind, make eye contact and say something positive & uplifting to them…..and you know what? It usually changes their whole demeanor….it melts something inside… feeds their need for someone to show them some love! It could very well change their whole outlook about whatever it is that is making them act so un-loveable!

Let’s be the SHINING light of LOVE that EXPOSES the hidden beauty in others…..and in the process, exposes our own hidden beauty! Is there anything more beautiful than a loving, kind, understanding & forgiving person?! Beauty shines from the inside out!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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