Christmas Appetizer Buffet…..with recipes…..

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If you’ve been visiting with me for a little while then you know my favorite way to entertain a crowd is with an Easy & Elegant Buffet. Whether it’s Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers or Dessert….buffet style is such an easy way to do it!

Thanksgiving, Easy & Elegant Buffet, Entertaining

Thanksgiving Buffet a few years ago.

This year for Christmas we are having an Easy & Elegant Brunch Buffet before we open our gifts….and later in the day we will do a substantial Appetizer Buffet.

The Appetizer Buffet Menu

Ham with Lingonberry Preserves

Swedish Meatballs in a Creamy Sherry Gravy 

Assorted Cheeses and Gourmet Crackers

Clam Dip

Veggies & Roasted Onion Dip



I’m sharing 3 recipes with you today…..these are quick, easy and YUMMIE! Always a BIG hit with my family and our guests!


Easy & Elegant Meatballs in Creamy Sherry Gravy

1 or 2 bags of frozen Swedish meatballs (or other variety if you prefer)

2 to 3 pkgs. Organic Brown Gravy Mix mixed with water as directed on pkg.

1-1 1/2 c. Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry

1 c. low fat sour cream

This can all be mixed together (except sour cream) in a crockpot and put on low several hours before serving or it can be done stove top about an hour before serving. 

On stove top-put all ingredients (except sour cream) in heavy pot with lid and bring to a simmer, let simmer until meatballs are heated through.

Right before serving, take pot off hot burner (or crock pot out of heating element) and let stand for about 5 minutes before stirring in the sour cream, slowly.



Nancy’s Clam Dip

*1 8oz. pkg. cream cheese     *3 TBS lemon juice     *5 TBS. mayo     *pinch of salt     *2 cans minced clams, drained      

Soften cream cheese and mix w/mayo, lemon juice & salt until creamy, mix in drained clams and refrigerate for an hour or so before serving. Great on crackers or with veggies.

We have been serving this Clam Dip for about 35 years and it is STILL a BIG HIT!


Deborah’s Antipasta

*1 lg. red onion cut into bite size pieces     *1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange pepper cut into bite size pieces      

*2 c. buffalo mozzarella balls

*bite size chunks of pre-cooked ham for about 2 cups   *bite size chunks of genoa salami for about 2 cups                                                            

*Gazebo Room Greek dressing (or similar brand) approx. 1c. /do this to taste and desired moisture

*optional-assorted olives-just before serving

Mix all ingredients together and let sit in refrigerator overnight

The GUYS LOVE this one!


Thanksgiving Buffet, Appetizer Buffet, Easy & Elegant Entertaining



Remember, whatever you decide to do for your holiday meals…..make it EASY & ELEGANT…SIMPLE & TASTY…so you can ENJOY YOUR GUEST!


Blessings & Beauty to you~

xoxo    Kathleen

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