Easy Elegant Fall Table Settings…..

Those of you who have followed on me on this blog for awhile know that I love to set a pretty table. It is not an option for me not to!
What I have found out as I work with my design clients and speak to audiences is that many people think setting a pretty table is too complicated or costly. Neither of which is true!
I spoke to a group of about 150 women this weekend about Easy Elegance for the Holidays. During which time I demonstrated how easy it is, layer by layer, to create a beautiful table setting.
In 3 of the photos above (click on the photos to enlarge it) you see a “before” (basic) and an “after” (elegant) tablesetting. As I walked through the process, step by step, the women were amazed at how easy it actually is to set an elegant table!
The easy steps are as follows:
  1. add a place mat (this one a shimmery soft cocoa color that can be used year round, in a square shape for a bit of contrast)
  2. add a charger or substitute (such as the round leaf place mat)
  3. cover your usable cloth napkin with a 2nd shimmery (non-usable) napkin and secure with a ribbon or napkin ring
  4. tie a piece of ribbon around the stem of your glasses
  5. add a pretty patterned plate on top of your dinner plate (here I used a square plate to tie in with the square place mat)
  6. next, add a place card and holder (the mini white pumpkin to the left could be used as well)
  7. add a vase of fresh flowers, all one variety, cut to just above the top of the vase

Step by step you have created a beautiful and elegant tablesetting. Each step adds to the look, little by little…and you can incorporate as many or as few of the steps as you feel comfortable with! The elements I used can be found at every price and style point, so no matter what your budget or style tastes are you can create an Elegant Fall Table Setting for your Holiday Celebrations!

Creating a beautiful table for you and your guests to enjoy will make all of you feel special!

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