Get Back On Track!


How are you doing with the goals & dreams you laid out in January for 2015?

Are you “on track”? OR…..have you had a few setbacks? Delays? Detours? Maybe even some Disappointments?

It’s OK……I have experienced ALL of the above! I have had some serious health issues sidelining me for the last year and a half! (I’ll be sharing about these challenges in just a few weeks)

BUT……..I made a decision long ago that I will not settle for ANYthing less than EVERYthing I am dreaming of! I do not usually know HOW…or exactly WHEN things will come together…..but I DO know that if I stay on track, don’t settle, don’t give up, do what I can when I can…..and most importantly, Seek God for His strength & wisdom…..I WILL see my dreams become my reality!

And…..I know that if YOU do the same things…..YOU will see the same results!

Don’t you SETTLE or GIVE UP……your DREAMS are depending on YOU!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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