I Think YOU Are Special!

I think YOU ARE SPECIAL! I really do! YOU have unique gifts, talents & abilities that NO ONE else has…..YES! YOU!

YOU were created an ORIGINAL….ONE OF A KIND…..SPECIAL!!! Don’t let anyone tell you any differently!

Today, I’d like you to do 3 things…..

1) Write down at least 5 things about yourself that make you special & unique! Bonus points for more than 5!

2) Ask a few special people in your life what they think is special about you….this one is always an eye opener..…in a good way!

3) Tell at least 2 people in your life how & why they are special!

This exercise will not only make you feel good….but will make at least 2 others feel pretty good, too!

Go ahead……get started!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Fabulous friday inspiration July 10 2015


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