It’s Time to Leave the Desert! 7 Things You Can Do!

Do you ever feel like you are in the desert…….parched, dry, unable to see the end….the vision…the dream? Looking back and longing for what was….the place you were comfortable in…..the place you settled for or that place that no longer serves you well?

I know that feeling….very well… is a hard place to be in… is NOT a comfortable place! In the midst of those times…yes timeS (I’ve been there more than once!), I have learned that in order to move forward…to get OUT of that desert place, I HAD to CREATE a NEW VISION…..get hold of a NEW DREAM or at least create a FRESH VISION of the dreams that are still in my heart!

Once I began creating a NEW VISION….I put these 6 other things in place, too…..

  1. I let go of what is past and begin to embrace what is in the future
  2. I trust that God has a perfect plan
  3. I seek God & fill myself with His Word
  4. I listen to positive, dream-empowering messages EVERY day
  5. I surround myself with positive, energetic people
  6. I then take ACTION to move forward…..ONE step at a time!

It’s time for you to leave the desert and move on to the BEAUTIFUL garden of DREAMS awaiting you!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

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