Lovely Layers….Brrrr……

On chilly days like we’ve had lately, I just love to layer on pieces for comfort and warmth. I tend to wear 3 to 4 layers in the winter as I find this is the best way to be comfortable in most every place I venture to. 
Whether it’s my own home, which I keep comfortable for me, the home of a friend, who may keep it a bit cooler than I do, or a store that may be a bit warmer than I’d like, the fact that I can peel off a layer or put one back on keeps me quite comfortable, cozy and warm!

Now is the perfect time to find beautiful layers on sale….you can pick up tees and tanks for a song….and cashmere and wool sweaters are significantly reduced….here are a few ideas to get you going from a couple of my favorite places to shop…
You can find pieces to layer in both casual and dressy styles….look around for inspiration, try some things on and step outside your comfort zone by selecting a few pieces that are a little different from your usual choices.
Maybe a brighter color or a different shade than you would normally wear. Maybe a sweater with ruffles or sparkly buttons…just a little something special and different from the norm! Take a stylish friend with you to help you stretch a bit! One or two new pieces can really stretch your wardrobe, give you a lift and at this time of year save you lots of $$$!
Remember…accessories can be layered, too…just don’t go overboard!
I‘d love for you to share your favorite places to find cozy lovely layers in the comment section.
Stay warm!

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