My Most Romantic Valentine Gift…….

I have to admit….when you marry your Prince Charming it is a challenge to single out one
 “Most Romantic Valentine” gift! 
The fact that I’ve been married to my Prince Charming for almost 36 years makes that an even greater challenge….that’s a LOT of Valentine’s gifts!
There is, however, one very memorable
 “Most RomanticValentine” gift
that I will never forget and is the first to come to mind each
Valentine’s Day……
Eight Roses……..
These are the eight very special roses I received many years ago from my Prince!
While I don’t remember the year…I do remember the experience as though it were yesterday! (you know the kind I mean)
Eight days before Valentine’s Day a single red rose was delivered to me from a local florist, on the card was the letter “I“…..hmmmm, I thought, this is strange! I thought at first it was a mistake of some kind but when my Prince got home he admitted to sending the rose to me because he loves me. No other explanation. (just a little grin)
The next day I received another single red rose, delivered to my door, on the card was the letter “L“….nothing else!
The next day yet another single red rose, delivered to my door, on the card was the letter “O“….nothing else!
The next day another single red rose, this time on the card was the letter “V“……..the next day a single red rose was delivered, on the card the letter “E“…..on each of the next 3 days I continued to receive a single red rose delivered to my door, each card with one letter, “Y“, then “O“, then “U“.
When the cards were all collected they spelled out
Isn’t that so romantic? I couldn’t bear to throw them away when they wilted, so I let them dry up and I found this pretty little bowl to put them in…..they’ve been on display somewhere in my home ever since!
WHAT is the most memorable ,
Most Romantic Valentine” gift
you have ever received….the one you’ll never forget and can remember like it was yesterday?
Please share!

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