PINK Saturday….More Pretty, Practical and PINK!

Saturday again…already!!! My, my this week has gone by so fast!
Here we are about to embark on another Pretty PINK Saturday!
Thank you Beverly for giving us this excuse to celebrate PINK!
My PINK selection today is once again Pretty, Practical and PINK! A few years back I found these pretty pink mugs with a brown bird toile pattern at….are you ready for this???? of all places….the grocery store…yes, that’s right…the grocery store! And….are you ready for this??? I got 8 of them for……less than a dollar a piece! If I remember correctly, I bought two at .99 each and then went back a week or so later and found they were marked down to .50 each!

Now, I do love my pretty dainty teacups…but in the morning I like a nice heavy, big mug, with a comfortable handle and the right size opening….and it can’t be too thick and bulky, you know what I mean? These are PERFECT for morning and they’re PINK! I love them! I even take one with me when I travel overnight somewhere. It’s packed right in with my own teabags that I make with my favorite loose tea! To me…that’s Romantic Elegance!

Oh, and the pretty little ruffled cake stand was a birthday gift from my dear friend Sherry…does she know me or what?!

Now that you’ve enjoyed my pretty, practical PINKNESS…stop by How Sweet the Sound and visit some of the other PINK Saturday gals!

Have fun!

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