Pink Saturday….Pink pillows!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Someone recently said that if they had to guess which colors I am drawn to they would guess PINK & Purple!
Guess where they got that from…?!
I do surround myself with lots of PINK and purple…those shades just make me feel good…I love them…and like I always say, “Surround yourself with the things you love and you will always love being in your home!”
Sooo…I follow my own advice!
What does my Prince think of being surrounded by PINK and purple? He loves it! He says it is soothing and relaxing and a nice refuge from the hardness of “his” world! (good thing for him, huh?!)

This week I’d like to share some of my favorite PINK pillows….

This beauty resides in my dining room…on a lovely little bench…notice I’ve adorned it with a pretty brooch!
….these lovelies take their place of honor on my bed…I love the deep raspberry PINK chenilles and velvets with the pale PINK roses, don’t you?!
Notice another pillow is embellished with a brooch!
…these pretties take a seat on the loveseat in my breakfast area…lots of PINK in the florals, too…the raspberry PINK cut velvet chair is from my dining room.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my PINK-NESS for the day…there’s lots more over at Beverly’s, How Sweet the Sound…be sure to stop by and douse yourself with MORE FABulous PINK-NESS!
Special Note….
I will be having a TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL GIVEAWAY each month, September, October and November…I will be announcing the details early next week…so be sure to come back to find out how YOU can enter to WIN!!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend…thanks so much for stopping by, I enjoyed your visit!


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