Romantic Living……Everyday…

In one of my favorite books “Living Romantically Everyday”, Barbara Taylor Bradford, famous
romance novelist, says, “Romance isn’t really about champagne and flowers-though those are wonderful elements. At its core, romance is about how we choose to live our lives. It’s about respecting certain principles and being open to the wonders of the world around us. It involves taking chances. Ultimately, it helps us live life to its fullest. Let romance into your life everyday…starting now.”

In fashion designer, Jessica McClintock’s fabulous book “Simply Romantic Decorating”, Jessica says, “Romantic inspiration is everywhere-if you know how and where to look. I have always found mine in books, music, art, movies, nature, my own imagination, and life experiences. I guess I have a romantic soul-and if you are reading this book, you probably have one as well. We can easily get out of the habit of using our imaginations, because we are so busy, and it’s hard to make the effort to see what is all around us or to seek out beauty in museums, walks in the park, and historical areas of our own neighborhoods. Romantic living means paying attention to, appreciating, and enjoying our surroundings. You get so much back from it.”

In another of my favorite decorating books “Romantic Style” published by Better Homes and Gardens, the author says, “Romance is the zest of life, an experience eternally young and always new. It’s the thrill of imagination-what other word conjures up such pleasant images of sunshine, flowers, candlelight, music and soft whispers? And what other word expresses the most enduring feelings and longings? Romance-and romantic style decorating-always wait, ready to soften and to soothe.”

Susan Wales, author and wife of Hollywood producer, Ken Wales (known for the CBS series “Christy”) says in her book, “The Art of Romantic Living”, “If I have opened your eyes to the beauty and the love around you in the midst of the trials and vicissitudes of life, I have reached the goal I sought in writing “The Art of Romantic Living.”

These four authors all have their own definitions of a Romantic Lifestyle but there are many commonalities among them. Such as, an appreciation of beauty, opening our eyes to the world around us and using our imagination, living in such a way that we are true to ourselves and respectful of others.

As February, the month of love and romance, comes to a close, I urge you to look for ways to live a romantic life all year long. Look for ways to appreciate and surround yourself with beauty. Use your imagination on a daily basis, it’s okay to daydream. Think of ways to let those you love know how special they are to you. Bring home flowers for no special reason, light candles at the dinner table tonight, tuck a little love note into your husband’s shirt pocket or into your children’s lunches. As you begin to incorporate little romantic touches into your life notice how it affects how you feel and respond to the demands of life. For me, living romantically everyday softens the cares of the world and makes me smile and enjoy life more.

I would encourage you to check out the books I’ve mentioned for inspiration and fun and creative ideas for adding romance to your life….everyday!

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