Stress Free Holidays~ 7 Steps to a Stress Free Holiday Season

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If you are finding yourself STRESSED OUT, OVERWHELMED & EXHAUSTED wondering how in the world you are going to get it ALL done……STOP!!!

1) Make your MASTER LIST- write down everything you can think of that you want to get done

2) EVALUATE & ELIMINATE- evaluate your list and eliminate the things that don’t bring you joy, are not necessary or are not in line with your purpose

3) PRIORITIZE- *MUST get done, *WOULD be nice to get done, *OK if it doesn’t get done

4) ASSIGN time frames to each task, breaking them down into manageable pieces

5) ASK for help & DELEGATE- you have not because you ask not!

6) LET GO of the “perfection” you have created in your mind….strive for EXCELLENCE NOT     PERFECTION!


The Holiday Season should be a joyful time of year for you and your family… eliminating the unrealistic expectations, getting your thoughts and tasks organized and scheduled, getting plenty of rest, eating well and eliminating what’s not necessary, you can put the JOY back in to your Holiday Season!

I believe in you & I believe in your dreams……I wish you Blessings & Beauty today as you prepare for your holidays!

xoxo Kathleen

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