Surrounding Beauty: Easy Spring Bedroom Makeover

Happy Spring!
Don’t you just love this time of year?! Everything comes to life, flowers are blooming everywhere…the air smells soooo good and birds serenade us everywhere we go! It is a time of renewal and new growth…it’s energizing and inspiring!
One of the things I am inspired to do this time of year is to give in to the overwhelming desire to “freshen up” my home. I begin to look around and dream up ways to “lighten up” for spring and summer. I pour over my decorating books and magazines for inspiration and my creative juices start flowing! Before I know it my rooms begin to take on a different personality from warm and cozy to light and airy. With just a few changes in each room this transformation is easily achieved. Usually, the first room to see these changes is my bedroom…after all your bedroom is the first place you see every morning and the last place you see every night…shouldn’t it be the first place you “freshen up”?!

The above pictures of my bedroom are a perfect example of how to lighten up with just a few changes. As you see in the “before” picture the rich raspberry color of the bedding gives a warm, cozy look to the bed. The velvet and chenille fabrics are heavier and suitable for the chilly winter months.

To lighten the look for an airy feeling during spring and summer I simply changed the raspberry velvet shams for white cotton battenburg shams, the raspberry velvet accent pillows were swapped out with a soft purple-blue hydrangea petal pillow and a petal pink chiffon ruffled pillow. I replaced the heavy raspberry chenille coverlet with a lighter weight white matelasse coverlet. Finally, to lighten up the raspberry velvet bedskirt (without removing it) I purchased a few yards of bridal lace, scalloped on both edges, cut it in half and attached it, with pins, over the velvet skirt.

As you can see, the hydrangea patterned comforter at the foot of the bed and the shams in the same pattern remain the same. Those elements are the key to flexibility in this room. The multicolored floral pattern allows me to pick up different colors from the pattern seasonally, giving me many options to create a different look and feel by simply changing just a few of the components. This is accomplished without changing anything else in the room….walls, window treatments and everything else, stay the same but feel different.

Some other options would be to add a deep green coverlet and shams in velvet or chenille for a cozy fall/winter feel…or a soft leafy green for a fresh spring/summer feel….or perhaps a petal pink, butter yellow….you get the idea. When you include a pattern with many colors you give yourself many options to create a different room with just a few changes. I call that “The Seasonal Home”…a home for every season.

What elements can you change in your bedroom to give it a breath of fresh air?  Go ahead….DO IT!

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