Surrounding Beauty How to enjoy doing the dishes…

Do you enjoy doing the dishes?
Do you smile while doing the dishes?
I do, I swear!
My philosophy is that one should create beauty in the places where one must perform mundane tasks. This elevates the task to a more pleasant experience, therefore making it much less mundane and displeasing.
I know, I know…you’re thinking I’m crazy…that couldn’t possibly make a difference…but I’m telling you…it DOES! Try it, and see for yourself…make it a habit for at least 30 days…then see how you feel about it!

By creating beauty right at the sink area where I do my dishes, I look forward to enjoying the scene that I’ve set…right now it’s pretty roses in a vintage silver pitcher…and yes, I have purple dish soap, that is scented and it is in a pretty painted bottle. I’ve even found purple sponges (purple is my favorite color, followed closely by pink). Soft green hand soap in a pretty container…I noticed I should have refilled it before the pictures and not also pleasantly scented!

In the next scene you’ll notice a beautiful topiary of permanent pink roses (in a soft green container) and a window…through which I can see our beautiful and now green backyard and all the pretty pink flowers we’ve just put out on our deck.
I can daydream while doing the dishes, taking in the beautiful scenes I’ve created, and before I know it…the dishes are done! and…I’ve had a lovely time experiencing beauty!

TRY IT…won’t you? If you have already created scenes of beauty in places where you must perform mundane tasks…please share…we all need some inspiration and I love to hear your ideas!
Where will you create beauty today?

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