Surrounding Beauty: Pretty Pink Pumpkin Centerpiece

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to host another PINK Tea, this time for a FABulous group of women in MD.
I had a wonderful time as these warm and gracious women enjoyed the special feeling of being pampered with a beautiful PINK Tea!
The color scheme was PINK & BROWN…I found lovely floral paper plates with pink, gold and red flowers for a song. *Beautiful elements do not need to cost a fortune!
One way to save money when hosting a party or for anytime, really, is to make your own floral centerpiece.
Which is exactly what I did for this event. Since it was a PINK Tea and it is fall, I wanted to implement some fall elements, which is why I selected the BROWN and PINK color scheme. It is why I chose to use pumpkins for the centerpieces as well!
The centerpieces looked FABulous on the brown linen tablcovers  surrounded by sparkly PINK tulle and PINK feather boas! Don’t you agree?!
And…they were soooo easy!
Here’s how you can make one for your Thanksgiving table….
First….you get a white pumpkin…or two, or three….the size you feel is right for your table. Note: any centerpiece that you want to have remaining on the table throughout dinner should be low enough for guests to see each other across the table.
Then….cut into it to remove the top/stem area. You will want to make the hole you cut the same size or slightly smaller than the plastic cup or container you’ll be placing inside to hold the flowers.
Scoop all the gunk out and then paint the pumpkin with pink craft paint. I mixed glitter and pearlescent medium into the paint along with just a touch of water to thin it out a little. Let it dry for an hour or so before the next step. Be careful not to scratch or handle the pumpkin much because the paint will come off if handled too roughly. You could probably spray them with a clear finish to make them a little more resilient.
Put some floral foam into your plastic container and add a bit of water, then place it inside your painted pumpkin.
For these centerpieces I used PINK roses in varying shades along with some white spider mums and a bit of ivy from my front yard. I made 8 centerpieces so I bought my flowers at Costco…a great place to purchase flowers at a reasonable price!
I then cut the white flowers down so the stems fit into the foam in the cup and placed them around the opening, I then filled in with the roses, just pushng them in until the whole space was filled….EASY!!!
YOU can do this!
This same concept can be used with orange pumpkins, too…with a beautiful fall bouquet! Adapt this idea to your unique sense of style…have FUN with it…and be prepared for some WOW‘s!
Now is the time to organize your thoughts for your menu and tablesetting, buffet set up and centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make a list of all the elements you need and begin to set them apart somewhere. Clean silver pieces, iron your napkins, etc. Pick up the items you can purchase ahead of time now and keep a list of the items you will need to pick up closer to the time of your celebration. 
This is one step that can help you feel less overwhelmed as the holidays draw closer!
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