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As I was saying, the food is not the first thing I think of! Setting the stage for our family celebration is my first focus. Yesterday we talked about the table…today let’s cover a few other details that go a long way in creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere that is a delight to behold!

Starting with the outside…make sure the walk way is clear and all your little fall touches still look nice (I have a few dead mums to remove right now!).

Next, take a look at your entryway…decluttered? a nice bowl of potpourri? a spot for shoes? coats? and how about a “warm fuzzy focal point“?

Now let’s think about where your guests will be before and after dinner…same drill! Is there enough seating or do you need to add a few more? How about candles (don’t go overboard with too many scented candles), if you’ve got a fireplace is it set up with wood, etc.? Even if you’re not planning to light it make it look as though you could! Are there plenty of tables to hold beverages, appetizers, desserts? Many times we enjoy our dessert and coffee/tea in the family room by the fire…it’s one of our favorite parts of the day! Are you game players? or game watchers? Be sure to have everything all set for the before and after dinner scenes!

Don’t forget the powder room!

Fresh towels? set out more than one if you have a big crowd. Scent? fresh, subtle. Maybe some candlelight or a decorative nightlight? This is a great place to put a tiny vase with a fresh bud or two. And, of course, extra tissue!

Another thing I do, since my children are grown and love to take home leftovers, is to make sure I have enough plastic containers to send home with each of them. I don’t ever expect to get them back….so I stock up on the inexpensive ones from the grocery store….the smiles on their faces are well worth the extra few dollars they cost me!

One of these next posts I’ll share how to easily set up an elegant buffet area…anyone can do it!

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