The Elegant White Pumpkin…..

Where, oh where are the elegant white pumpkins?!
Under the metallic pink and bronze paint!
One of the most wonderful things about the elegant white pumpkin is the versatility it offers.
You can change the color completely or you can use it as a backdrop for stenciling, writing or drawing.
The elegant white pumpkin is fabulous as is, of course…but isn’t it just as fabulous to have the option of changing the color to suit your room decor or mood?! That is exactly what I did with the white pumpkin above. I created a lovely soft metallic pink vase to house some of the most beautiful pink roses I’ve ever seen. A few clips of ivy from the front yard and WOW! A one of a kind fall floral arrangement that suits my decor!

What will your imagination do with an elegant white pumpkin?!

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