The Problem & The Solution

Have you ever caught yourself so focused on the problem at hand that it becomes the only thing you see?

Has a problem become so large in your mind that it blocks out everything else…preventing you from even beginning to see any glimmer of a solution?

That very same thing used to happen to me…..until I learned about the difference between how Fear & Faith operate in the midst of a problem….any problem…any time!

See….I learned that when I choose thinking & speaking fear & unbelief I am focusing on the problem which in turn becomes larger & less manageable…..with no solution in sight!

The other thing I learned is that when I choose thinking & speaking FAITH & BELIEF the problem isn’t the focus anymore…..the SOLUTION is! Faith & Belief open up the floodgates of POSSIBILITY!

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Too good to be true even, right?! I assure it is SIMPLE & it does WORK!

However… does take some PRACTICE! It takes time to train your brain & your mouth to think & speak FAITH & BELIEF…..especially if you haven’t done much of it….YET! Then, of course, you have to CHOOSE to put FAITH & BELIEF to work! CHOOSE your words carefully!

Challenge for today:

Today, how about listing a problem you are dealing with right now and instead of speaking about how big the problem is and how you don’t know what to do and how it’s never going change, CHANGE your words to POSITIVE, POSSIBILITY, FAITH & BELIEF words……Start thinking & speaking about what some of the possible solutions could be….and begin writing them down… you practice this and focus your thoughts on the possible solutions, before you know it, the problem will have a solution & will no longer need your attention!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!



August 21 post

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