What in the World is “Holiday Sparkle”?

I hope you have had a SUPER SPARKLY week….even if some things didn’t go quite as planned….and when do they?!…..I hope you were able to find the SPARKLE in each situation, straighten your tiara and keep moving forward! I had to do that more than once this week!

As promised, each Friday for the next few months I’ll be sharing some Holiday related tidbits with you in order to help you ENJOY a STRESS-LESS Holiday Season!

Today I’d like to share a little about what I call “Holiday Sparkle”. What in the world is “Holiday Sparkle” you’re thinking, right?! Well…..”Holiday Sparkle” is my term for the extra special touches I like to add to my home, wardrobe & entertaining this time of year. Things that sparkle, shine & glow….things that add that little extra sense of WHIMSY, FUN & FESTIVITY! “Holiday Sparkle” looks different to each one us….so think about how to create your own version of it!

October 2

What “Holiday Sparkle” IS NOT……it is not about putting extra stress on yourself, or anyone else, to create perfection! There is no such thing as the perfect tree, the perfect outfit, the perfect meal or…..the perfect family! There is only ONE who is perfect, God Himself! It is also not about how much you spend….”Holiday Sparkle” can be achieved on ANY budget!

Strive for EXCELLENCE NOT PERFECTION!     Now….doesn’t that make you feel better?!

Make your holidays SPARKLE & SHINE!

P.S. In case you missed it last Friday, here is the link to grab your Holiday Stress Busting Planner Tools….my gift to you! 

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