What Quality Fuel Are You Using?

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple weeks…..as a result, my creativity & focus has been a bit OFF! I am on the mend and am resting as much as possible! I expect to be up & at it by next week!

I hope you & yours are well and remembering that SPRING really is just around the corner!
I’m sharing a post from last February with you today……as I was reviewing some posts from last year I came across this and felt that it was something WE all needed to be reminded of as we move into the year pursuing new dreams & goals!

Our WORDS are SO very IMPORTANT to our progress, health & wellbeing…..or lack thereof!

You can HAVE what you SAY…… Unfortunately, most people SAY what they HAVE! (think about that)


There’s a nice printable to download, at the end of this note, that will help you re-think what you SPEAK!

Stay well! DREAM BIG!

Post from February 2015:

I have a question for you……

What kind of fuel are you using to keep moving toward your dreams?

When you fill the gas tank in your car, you usually have 3 choices:

Regular ~ the cheapest, will work, but it’s not the best

Plus ~ middle of the road, will work better than regular, but still not the best

Supreme ~ the best, more costly, made for premium performance

ULTRA ~ the BEST of the BEST, most costly, made for premium EXCELLENT performance, for high end vehicles

So, let me ask you again…..

If your WORDS are the fuel that give life to the thoughts that direct your life and move you toward your DREAMS……

What kind of fuel are you using?

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis


Download your Printable PDF, Words of Life, here.

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