YOU are uniquely & wonderfully created like NO other person on Earth!

YOU’re unique gifts & talents were put inside you not only to bless you in your life but also to bless the lives of others that are put into your life!

Recognizing YOU Have Gifts & Talents

Many times our unique & innate gifts & talents seem quite ordinary to us or like no big deal. Sometimes this is because they are things that seem to come “naturally” or with much ease to us. Sometimes it is because we have not recognized the value of our unique gifts & talents because they don’t look like anyone else’s or they seem frivolous or purpose-less. Other times it is because we have not taken the time to develop them to a place of excellence.

Our gifts & talents many times 1st appear as “diamonds in the rough” -a lump of coal that is dull and has rough edges. As we begin to do our part – developing, learning & releasing our gifts & talents – they begin to Sparkle & Shine like beautiful, valuable and rare diamonds!

It is important to realize that our gifts & talents will likely change over the years as we grow & mature & develop in many areas and as we live through the experiences that shape our lives.

DON’T try to BE someone else or DO what someone else is doing. YOUR treasure is on the INSIDE of YOU….it may be buried, but it’s there…and it doesn’t look, act or sound like anyone else!


Your gifts & talents are part of your DREAMS!

They have everything to do with Living the Beautiful Life You Dream Of!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


Kathleen Ellis

It is your time to Sparkle and Shine! 

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