Be Specific!

Did you know that in order to make your dreams become your reality you MUST KNOW what your dreams are…..SPECIFICALLY?!



In order to create the life you dream of, you must first know what it is you’re dreaming of……and then you must write your dream descriptions down, in detail, making them so real that you can SEE yourself BEING it, HAVING it & DOING it! VISUALIZE them “AS IF” they have already happened!

I know that sounds a little silly, but research has shown that those who write down their dreams & goals, then visualize them & behave in a way that lines up with that dream, they are the ones who WILL see their dreams & goals become reality!

When you DO those steps you are much more likely to reach your dreams & goals because your subconscious mind believes you and acts accordingly, causing you to think, say & do things that eventually get you to your dreams! Research has also shown, if you do not do those steps you will most likely never see significant accomplishments toward your dreams & goals!

I know you have dreams in your heart and you want them to become reality in your life, right?! We ALL have dreams & goals that we desire to bring to fruition, myself included!

I believe it is possible for YOU to make your dreams your reality……IF you set yourself up for success!

Here’s what I do, this will work for you, too…. IF You DO It!

This week, take a few minutes to …..

  1. Write down your most urgent dream/goal.
  2. Describe it in DETAIL ….make it real in your mind!
  3. Visualize yourself already having accomplished “it”…..What does it look, feel, smell & sound like?
  4. Behave in ways that line up with your desired outcome
  5. Change something you do every day that will bring you closer to making that dream a reality!


I’d LOVE to hear from you and cheer you on!

Leave me a comment below letting me know how you’ve started to make your dreams YOUR reality and how these steps helped you!



Blessings & Beauty to you~

xoxo~ Kathleen 



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