Stop and Smell the Roses…..Balance

Balance….that is one of my Four Words to inspire me this year….(you can read about all Four Words here).

For me, part of living a BALANCED life is making sure that I take time every day to “Stop & Smell the Roses“….not necessarily literally but figuratively. It means taking time every day, throughout the day, to appreciate the beauty of moments.
Beautiful moments are sprinkled into every day…moments like watching the birds flutter to and fro gathering the seed we’ve sprinkled out for them, or stopping to admire the beauty of the sun shining through the crystals on a chandelier creating little rainbows of color all over the room, or breathing in the scent of the peppermint hand soap in my powder room as I wash my hands, savoring the aroma of a cup of coconut cream tea as I sit to gather my thoughts for the next project on my list, taking a few moments to play with my sweet kitty, June Bug….the list goes on and on!
The secret is….deciding to be aware and intentionally taking the time to “Stop & Smell the Roses”! It is one of my secrets to Living a Life of Total Beauty!

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