It Starts with a Seed!

Are you expecting to reap a harvest on seeds you never planted?  Just because you believe something doesn’t mean that alone will make it happen!  You must plant the “seeds” you desire to see the fruit of and then tend to them in order to enjoy the fruit of them in your life!  Did you know that a tiny mustard seed will produce a tree that is 12 feet tall? That teeny, tiny little seed packs a pretty powerful punch!  God gave us seed as a provision, for endless supply! There are vegetable seeds, flower seeds, fruit, and tree seeds… But did you know there are even DREAM SEEDS?!



In this episode, you will learn…

  • How much one single solitary seed can produce, it’s AMAZING!
  • What you can do to take care of your DREAM SEEDS.
  • What kinds of seeds there are…
  • How to get your DREAM SEEDS to produce a DOUBLE harvest… and more!

Tune in Here!

The law of seed time & harvest…. a law that farmers understand very well….. is so simple!  You plant a seed (make a decision, take a step toward your dreams) and the process is begun. It takes time once that seed is planted in the ground for it to take root and then to sprout up with shoots of life. That little seed needs to be nurtured, fed, watered, nourished, and then……. YOU SEE LIFE…. RESULTS!  Sooooo…. What seeds are you planting? What results are you expecting? What are you willing to do to nurture those seeds into RESULTS?!  Remember, it’s a PROCESS….. Making your dreams your reality takes time, energy, planning, more time, patience….. keep moving forward, and keep the image of the end results firmly in front of you!


Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!  I BELIEVE in YOU!


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