The Front Not the Rear!

Your life is like a novel, made up of many chapters. Some are happy, some sad, some long, some short, some funny, some dangerous, some boring, some adventurous, some embarrassing, and some filled with complexities. All of these chapters combine together to make up your entire life story. Be very careful not to define your life by only ONE of the chapters!

Don’t get DISTRACTED by your PAST!  Do you ever find yourself thinking about your past more than your future? Do you get caught up in the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s” of your life? Wishing you could go back and change things? If so, you are NOT alone! It happens to just about everyone. Now is the time to STOP living in the past and reach forward to your future!  The thing is, the rearview mirror is a fraction of the size of the windshield for a reason and in this episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on that along with some inspiration that will help you get out of that trap and Focus Forward on your dreams and the abundant life waiting for you, because there, my dear, is where you belong!  Tune in here!


Looking for more AMAZING stories from equally amazing women?

Dixie Diamanti – Going From Victim to Victor After Abuse

Have you ever been the victim of abuse? So many have! Whether it’s physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse, once imposed, it leaves many scars and broken pieces in the life of the victim. The great news is that you do not have to remain a victim, you CAN move from victim to VICTOR! It is not always easy, but it is well worth the work. The rewards of making that transformation and living a life of peace and joy, a life of confidence in knowing who you are and the value you have, are priceless. You deserve to walk as a Victor every day of your life!  Join me as I chat with my long-time “virtual” friend, Dixie Diamanti, listen as she shares about being the victim of childhood incest, and as a result, how she struggled with Imposter Syndrome and low self-esteem and how that has affected her life. Hear how she turned things around so she could be the Victor and not the victim!  Tune in here.


Trina Titus Lozano – Restoring a Marriage After Infidelity, Is That Even Possible?

One day you’re just buzzing along in life, happy, thinking all is well with your marriage and your 4 children when all of a sudden you receive divorce papers! What??  What do you do??  Can you imagine the flood of emotions? The shock? The disbelief? The anger? That is exactly what happened to Trina!  In this episode of REVIVE YOUR DREAMS, Trina Lozano shares exactly what she did when she received that shocking news. She also shares HOW she found the courage and strength to keep moving forward, WHERE she found wisdom, peace, and forgiveness that allowed her to begin the healing process for both herself and her husband.  Shame and blame were not part of this solution, and it was certainly not an easy process, tune in to hear this amazing and transparent story of restoration. Tune in here.


Kathy Barnette – Overcoming Obstacles: I am NOT a Victim!

The road to success may have various obstacles that have become the building blocks of one’s life. For today’s episode, let’s join Kathleen with her guest Kathy Barnette, as they talk about how obstacles help you find meaning in your life and how you can succeed despite the forces of poverty and systemic racism. We must first shed the mindset of victimhood!  Tune in here.



Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!  I BELIEVE in YOU!

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