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Facets of Graciousness ~ Inspirations to Smooth the Rough Edges of Life

is a collection of original quotes by Kathleen
that have been described as

Inspiring! Motivating! Enlightening! Life Changing!

Transformational! Timeless Wisdom! Insightful!

Life is full of ups & downs and rough edges; it is imperative we keep ourselves armed with the effective tools necessary to walk through every situation victoriously!

Facets of Graciousness is one of the most effective tools you can use each & every day to help you maneuver the ups & downs and smooth those rough edges of your life.

Choose to live VICTORIOUSLY today!



A Note From Kathleen


I designed this book for you to use as an Inspirational Journal. As you read each page, I encourage you to take a few moments and jot down a few thoughts that were provoked, action steps you can take, ideas brought to light, insights you received, a few words of thanksgiving or a short prayer.

Use it as a tool to grow and develop into ALL you were created to BE!

We move forward as we take the time to digest positive content and then apply it to our lives in a practical way being mindful that we cannot change overnight but rather over time as we are consistent and diligent with the process.

My desire for you is that as you move through this book you will discover life changing thoughts and words that will smooth the rough edges of life and propel you forward into the life you dream of!

Nothing is Impossible to those who BELIEVE!

Blessings & Beauty to you~





RAVE REVIEWS for Facets of Graciousness!


“In this world of complexity and clutter it’s easy to be swept away, losing the truth of our divine purpose. In Facets of Graciousness, Kathleen Ellis delivers words of wisdom steeped in faith and Truth, to lovingly help us move from discouragement, fear, and despair to peace, joy and abundance. This little book is a must read for every woman seeking a richer life. Keep it on your night stand and read it again and again. It’s a gem!”
~ Denise Clelan ~ CPC, ELI-MP,
Business and Life Transformation Coach

“Facets of Graciousness is a beautifully created book which provides the reader with sound inspiration for navigating life’s challenges. The extra bonus is that you can add your own thoughts which help to make this book your personal journal for private thoughts. On any given day, one of these facets is sure to help you stay in the flow of living an awesome life.”
~Cheryl A. Pullins ~ Speaker & Mastery Coach to Women,
Founder of Awesome Lifestyle Author of What Every DIVA Must Know About Starting Her Own Business

“Facets of Graciousness will inspire you to design the life that you want. Each day you will be encouraged and blessed to live the life that you’ve dreamed of!”
~ Melanie Bonita ~ #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of “Daily Dose of Determination,” International Speaker, and Faith Coach

“Kathleen Ellis will shine encouragement, hope and beauty into your life through her words. Meaningful quotes and verses that meet you right where you are and speak directly to your heart. Her thought provoking questions will enliven and inspire you to live out your best life as you see God’s amazing blessings overflow in your life.”
~ Laurie Jeron ~ Singer, Speaker, Writer

“I’ve had the privilege of enjoying a lifelong friendship with Kathleen Ellis. I’ve seen firsthand how she has divided and conquered the many obstacles in her own personal and professional life with grace, dignity, poise, and a positive attitude.
Throughout these years she’s been an open book to all who know her sharing the dreams of what she wanted to accomplish in life. She set out to mentor and empower women in a positive light, and that’s exactly what she’s done with her marvelous daily words of wisdom.
It’s exciting to see another one of Kathleen’s dreams come alive in the form of this book, Facets of Graciousness. This book will be a gift to every person that reads it, because the true GIFT is when one begins to apply what Kathleen is prescribing…choosing positive words and thoughts over negativity. This gift will not just be read one time and put aside. It will be read over and over again…and each time the reader will be inspired, transformed, encouraged, and motivated to live the life they dream of, and not to settle for anything less!”
~ Catherine Cosenza ~ Writer, Photographer, Mixed Media Artist

“Kathleen, these quotes were so on point and have inspired me to MOVE FORWARD and speak the right language intentionally and specifically! I have actually shared them to be a blessing to someone else!”
~ Tia Titus ~ Owner, H.E.L.P. Management Services, LLC

“Every woman is drawn to beauty and Kathleen Ellis certainly has an expertise in beauty, both inward and outward.
Her uplifting words will give you courage and refresh your feminine heart.”
~ Karen M. Jantzi ~ Treasured Woman LLC

“Kathleen’s words lift my spirit to joy and inspire my brain to action. Whether it’s stress in a relationship, overwhelm at work, worry over the future, or cloudy spiritual vision, Facets of Graciousness has words of wisdom to add grace and beauty to your life!”
~ Rachel Bostwick ~ Owner, Zoom Design Studios ~

“I LOVE the inspirational messages from Kathleen! Her encouraging words and beautiful images help melt away the clutter and negativity that sometimes overwhelms a woman’s mind. I truly feel uplifted and reminded that God has gifted me (and each of us) with talents, skills and purpose – we just need to “tune in” and listen to Him. Kathleen helps me to remember this and sets the right tone for my day.”
~ Cathy Jennings ~ Chief Conversation Starter at No Pressure Networking

In her new inspiring devotional, Facets of Graciousness ~ Inspirations for Smoothing the Rough Edges of Life, Kathleen Ellis has gracefully and methodically used her God-inspired wisdom to produce a masterpiece that’s guaranteed to take our thoughts, actions, dreams and purpose to the next dimension. This powerful book is a reminder that regardless of the obstacles we face in life, we have all we need within us to overcome and move forward in life. This book is a must read as it encourages us to meditate on the goodness of God and move forward with boldness and absolute faith in Him.
~ Toy James ~ Inspirations for Women, Inc.

facets of graciousness cover


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