Blooms or Thorns? Which Will It Be For You?

Oh, I so love the month of May!  Here in Central PA, May is when we can FINALLY count on consistently nice weather! May is when the lilacs bloom and my perennial garden really starts to POP with the promise of soon-to-come Peony, Rose & Iris blooms….in beautiful PINKS & PURPLES!!!

Speaking of ROSES, I am reminded of how often I hear people complain about the THORNS in their lives…. the things that aren’t going well, the things that cause them discomfort and sometimes pain.  Let’s face it, it is easier to focus on those things if we don’t make an INTENTIONAL CHOICE not to, right?!



There’s a problem with making the choice to focus on the thorns, however, that choice means we don’t enjoy the peace, joy, gratitude, and contentment in our lives that we should have. This means life is miserable…. we are miserable and we have the potential to make others miserable. Not a good choice!

However, I have found, not only in my own life but in the lives of many women I know, that when we make the INTENTIONAL CHOICE to focus on the BLOOMS in our lives…..the wonderful things, the beautifully ordinary everyday things that we can be so thankful for…..our family, health, home, and so many other things, the list goes on…. we enjoy peace, joy, and contentment that so many people miss out on! Choosing a grateful attitude, practicing thankfulness, and looking beyond the THORNS to focus on the BLOOMS changes our whole perspective on life. It changes how we show up in the world! It changes our future!
Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


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