Give Yourself Some GRACE!

Do you ever get upset with yourself? You know, when you miss the mark, make a mistake, or fall short? FAIL?  Do you tell yourself things you would never say to anyone else? Like, “I’m so stupid!”, “I’m so clumsy!”, “What an idiot I am!”, “Why did I think I could do that!”, “I should have known I wasn’t smart enough/ good enough to do this!”  THOSE ARE LIES!!!

Chances are that if your best friend were saying those things to herself, you’d be the first one to tell her that she “Certainly is good/smart enough!” “That everyone makes mistakes!” and “No one gets it right all the time!” Am I right?!


Maybe it is because we think we don’t DESERVE it!


What is GRACE? Maybe if we understand exactly what Grace is, we can more freely extend it, to ourselves and to others.


GRACE: unmerited favor, mercy, clemency, pardon.


You see, GRACE is something we do NOT earn, we cannot WORK for it…..GRACE is FREE, UNDESERVED! There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED! There is also NO LIMIT to how often GRACE can be given!  So, you see, you don’t have to deserve GRACE in order to GIVE it to yourself or anyone else! Isn’t that great news?!  Now…..Go ahead and GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE! Remember to extend GRACE not only to yourself but to others as well!

Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!


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