GOODBYE, 2016!
Well, 2016 is coming to a close! Like most years, 2016 held a mix of events for our family, mostly happy but, some sad, mostly progress and growth but, a few setbacks. What gets me is how fast a year seems to go by! Does it seem that way for you, too?! Whenever December rolls around I find myself in disbelief that another year has passed! Whew!
It is so important because the year does seem to pass so quickly, to keep track of your priorities through the year so that you are accomplishing the absolute MOST important things to you and your family throughout the year. Then, look back as the year closes to see how far you’ve come, look at the dreams you’ve seen come true, the growth, the progress…..who and what you’ve BECOME in the process.
Of course, there will be those things that didn’t get done and the mistakes, things that didn’t work out….there will always be a few of those, don’t dwell on those, learn from them, forgive yourself, forgive others and MOVE ON!
Stay FOCUSED on what DID get done, what you DID accomplish! THAT is where you will get your energy and excitement for the NEW dreams and plans for the year ahead!
As you prepare to say Goodbye to 2016, start writing down the dreams and plans you have for 2017. Don’t decide if they are possible or not….just write them down….DREAM BIG!!!

Start seeing yourself achieving the dreams you have for 2017! That is the FIRST STEP to bringing them to reality! If you can SEE it, then you can somehow ACHIEVE it!


In January I’ll be sharing inspirations with you to help you get started on the Journey to Your Dreams for 2017!
For now, I wish you a wonderful closing of 2016 and BIG, BEAUTIFUL Dreams for 2017!
Make this YOUR year to SPARKLE & SHINE!
I Believe in YOU!!

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