A Real Holiday Treat!

HAPPY DECEMBER!  Can you believe there are only about 16 more days till Christmas?



Are you like me and still have a lot to do?! I have had a very unusual last 5 months which have put me a little behind with my preparations! Since August I have been helping my Prince in his business (really it’s our family business), God has blessed our business tremendously this year, quadrupling it from last year! Along with that comes a lot more responsibilities, employees, and all kinds of stuff! I felt God speaking to me to step in and help wherever I was needed. So for the last several months I have been going into the office and working 30-40+ hours a week. Inspiring, motivating & counseling 20+ men! I’m putting some structure into their workplace & making sure things are running smoothly… for the most part!

QUITE a change for me from working from home on a much less structured basis for the last multiple years and from working exclusively with women!!! I am thankful that I am feeling well enough to do this and as long as I am mindful about getting my rest, keeping stress to a minimum, and doing all my other self-care steps, as I heal from auto-immune issues & Lyme, I am able to keep up!

What has gotten a bit behind, however, are the projects at home and the preparations for the holidays!  I am thankful I don’t need to look too far for tips & tools to navigate this season!  I trust you found last week’s email with the 3 Steps to De-Stress Your Holidays helpful as you begin your preparations for the holidays! I hope these tips helped you take a breath and get rid of any overwhelm you might have had…. they sure helped me!


(If you missed it, here’s the link: 3 Steps to De-Stress Your Holidays)


Since time is extremely precious right now both for me and you, I decided I would share some ideas with you that are inspiring me through this holiday season. There are ideas for decorating, entertaining, recipes, and anything holiday related…. Along with some of my Holiday Survival Tips that have served me & multiple other women well for decades!


I hope you enjoy the variety and that you will be inspired to take a couple of ideas and make them your own. DO NOT feel that you must copy or “keep up” or that what you do or don’t have doesn’t measure up to what someone else has or how someone else does things! We each have our own tastes, styles, and budgets…. and that is OK! I have found that no matter what, you can always raise the level of excellence (not perfection) in whatever you do!


Ok… C’mon! Let’s take a peek at some beautiful Holiday Home Tours! Click on the links, Be inspired by the creativity of these fabulous women, Scroll down to the bottom of each post and check out the rest of the links to more homes beautifully, lovingly & creatively decorated for the holidays! You’re going to be WOWED!!!


Ohhh, and don’t forget your cup of tea…. You’re going to want to sip while you savor!  ENJOY!


Make Your Holidays Sparkle & Shine! Most of all….. Enjoy the time with family & friends!


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