10 Easy Ways to Add Romance to Your Life Today…..

Creating a life of beauty, elegance and Romance is easy and anyone can do it! 
You will find your life takes on a more peaceful, gentle note as you infuse these 3 elements into your everyday lifestyle.
Valentine’s Day serves as a perfect reminder to infuse Romance into our everyday lives. But don’t wait for or limit this to just one day or month in the year! Being a romantic at heart, I truly believe that Romance should be a part of your everyday life!

Adding a few elements here and there can create a
Lifestyle of Romance
that will make your world feel a little bit softer and brighter.
These are some of the elements I have added to my life to create that feeling of romance everyday….
1.  Fresh Flowers ~ I prefer a bunch of pretty pink roses from the grocery store, but even a single stem of your favorite bloom will do the trick
2.  Candlelight ~ candles just naturally evoke a sense of romance, and while your at it, replace some of your bulbs with soft pink bulbs, they cast a soft rosy glow at night
3.  Scents ~ subtle is key here, you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a fragrance-just a hint
4.  Music ~ keep some of your favorite upbeat love songs ready to listen to at a moments notice, I find classical music very romantic  and play it frequently during the day
5.  Fabrics ~ use soft, sensuous fabrics on your bed, pleasant to touch, pretty to look at
6.  Photos ~ cluster groups of photos of the two of you around the house, especially in the bedroom
7.  Clear ~ the clutter, it’s hard to look past a lot of clutter while trying to create the  feeling of romance 
8.  Loungewear ~ invest in a few outfits to change into after a long day that make you feel like a “Pretty Woman”
9.  Dressing Room ~ create a special spot to get ready each morning and night, even if it’s just a corner, having your own “special spot”  feels romantic
10. Bubble Bath ~ ALWAYS have some favorite bubble bath supplies ready for a moments notice, be sure  to include scented bubble bath and body moisturizers, candles, extra soft oversized towels, favorite music, and anything else that makes you feel especially pampered
There are so many more elements that can be incorporated to create a Lifestyle of Romance….make a list of those things that would make you feel like you’re Living a Life of Romance and then begin to implement them into your everyday life!
Don’t limit romance to Valentine’s Day!

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