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I just LOVE this time of year! Having a decorator’s heart and eye I especially love the fact that everywhere I go I see “decorations”! From plain and fancy to rustic and traditional to “over the top”
…there’s a feast for my eyes! I really love to decorate my own home. 
My philosophy is to decorate “seasonally” rather than for specific holidays so I get to enjoy my “Christmas” or what I call my “winter” decorations well into February! 
That’s right!..February!
My decorations don’t come down until after Valentine’s day! Laugh…go ahead…most of my friends did many years ago… and now many of them do the same thing! After explaining to them how leaving my beautiful decorations up through the dreary winter months lifts my spirits and makes my home feel warm and cozy…not to mention festive! and the extra lights on the trees and mantel (and other strategic areas) make the fact that it is dark outside at 5:00 seem not so bad…some of them gave it a try, and you know what?…they liked it! 
Not only that…after taking all that time to decorate I get to enjoy it for months rather than weeks! An added bonus is that I can entertain AFTER the holidays when the “mad rush” is over and my home still looks magical and festive! 
January and February are a great time to entertain…everyone’s schedules are much more open and people are looking for something to do while experiencing that “post holiday let down” feeling. 
I really enjoy doing a special Valentine event…but more about that later…. 
Trimming a tree is so much fun for me….it takes me a long time….but I enjoy the process….I love that you can do something different every year. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new decorations every year but it does mean you can be creative with what you already have and maybe add a few new additions here and there. I look for items all year that I may be able to use for my “winter” decorating.
This tree has a mixture of ornaments I’ve had for close to 20 years along with newer found ornaments. The “fillers” I used  are white irridescent (silk) poinsettias…they fill in some of the dark places and reflect the lights. It is crowned with white feathers and pink and green sparkly things. My winter decorations including my trees are decorated in colors that compliment my year round decor which means they add an extra dimension to what is already there and they flow right into the spaces.
What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for the winter?

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