12 Simple Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

We all have DREAMS!


Dreams & Change….you can’t have one without the other…..our Dreams require us to Change and we are usually only willing to Change because of something we are Dreaming of.

Whether or not our DREAMS come true depends mainly on what we are willing to CHANGE to make them come true!

When we see a DREAM in our mind or in our heart…..many times we dismiss it because we think it can’t possibly come true, right?  What I’ve discovered in my life journey is that I pretty much decide if my DREAMS come true or not! It would be so much easier to leave it up to someone else…..but it doesn’t work that way!

What I have found to be true is that WISHING will not make my DREAMS come true…..HOPING will not make my DREAMS come true…..COMPLAINING will not make my DREAMS come true and ENVYING someone else whose DREAMS are coming true will not make my DREAMS come true!


I have spent a lot of time and energy on figuring out how to make my DREAMS come true and……and I have seen many of my DREAMS come TRUE!

I have found the KEYS to making my DREAMS come true and since they work for me I know they will work for YOU, too!

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12 Simple Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

1) SEE IT~ You must begin to see your DREAMS in your mind’s eye. CHANGE what you SEE!

2) PRAY~ Let your requests be made known to God and ASK Him for wisdom & direction. CHANGE your attitude!

3) BELIEVE~ You must believe that your dreams will come TRUE. CHANGE the doubt & fear to faith & hope!

4) WRITE~ You must write down your DREAMS in detail so you can stay focused. Create a VISION board. CHANGE what you FOCUS on!

5) SPEAK~ Use your WORDS to bring about that which you are dreaming of. CHANGE your words to FAITH-FILLED words!

6) SHARE~ Be selective, but share your DREAMS with a trusted friend who will encourage you. CHANGE who you surround yourself with!

7) SEEK~ Figure out what you need to LEARN in order to make your dreams come true. CHANGE what you allow into your mind!

8) WORK~ Dreams always require WORK. CHANGE what you spend time on!

9) TWEAK~ Don’t be afraid to adjust and make changes along the way. CHANGE your ideas about success and failure!

10) WORK~ Keep working on it. CHANGE limiting thoughts that tell you it should have happened by now!

11) EXPERIENCE IT~ As you apply these keys to your DREAMS you will begin to see them take shape and be manifested. CHANGE your expectations…achieving your DREAMS is something YOU CAN DO!

12) DREAM~ Keep on DREAMING! No one says you’re only allowed one dream! CHANGE whatever need to be changed in order for you to see ALL your dreams come true!

I KNOW you can do this!

Blessings & Beauty to you~


If this post has inspired you in any way please leave a comment below and tell me how!

Thank you!

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