My 3 Minute Beauty Secret!

I have a SECRET!

Did you know that it only takes about 3 minutes to create a Beautiful Spot in your bedroom? 

A spot that will immediately take your bedroom from chaos to calm….a spot that will

draw attention away from all else and cause you to focus on the Beauty of that one spot. 

Three minutes….about the time it takes to brush your teeth… can do that, right?!

Do you want to know my 3 Minute SECRET?

I know you do… it is……

Make Your Bed!

………and Make it BEAUTIFUL!

3 Minutes to a Beautiful Bed

No more ragged sheets and blankets, stained bedspreads and mismatched pillow cases!

No matter what your budget…thrift shop or high end boutiques…….

YOU can make your bed BEAUTIFUL! 

Make Your Bed Beautiful

When you take time to select a few pieces of bedding you love and then take the 3 minutes

it takes to make your bed, you will be AMAZED at the transformation in your bedroom

and in your mind! Your room will instantly be beautified and you will have a smile on

your face, you will be motivated to get the rest of the room together and that mindset will

help you tackle the other spots in your home….and life that need a bit of BEAUTY!

3 Minutes to Make a Beautiful Bed


It doesn’t take a lot to create a BEAUTIFUL spot!

You are worth it!


 Surrounding Beauty Tip ~

Start looking through some magazines and books today for inspiration

and then go out and find the elements to make YOUR Beautiful Bed…..

whether it’s a Thrift Shop, Consignment Store, Department Store or High End Boutique…online or

in your own linen closet…..the elements are there…waiting for you……YOU CAN DO IT!

Blessings & Beauty to you~


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